Illegally Detained, Searched, and Arrested by the DEA

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  1. So last night driving back from Cali to Phoenix we were stopped at a checkpoint in Yuma..... They searched and tore APART the car with their dogs and all of a sudden placed us under arrest, searched us, and put us in cells without reading us our rights..... About an hour and a half of being detained in the cell, the officer comes in, tells us our rights and our charges. They were both misdemeanors.

    ... What do i do?
  2. hire expensive lawyer, relax, pay expensive lawyer
  3. did you have bud in the car or what? Im not getting what they charged you with.
  4. Well they only need to read you the rights before you are interrogated. You can be in custody before they read them too you. But it seems like they went way too far

    They only need to read you those rights, because if they dont, they cant use anything you say in court as admissible evidence... they didnt really need any if they charged you already
  5. Ill hire a good lawyer... The dugout they found was my friends(Wasn't with us on the trip), that I hadn't ever seen, used or touched. They charged me with Attempt of Possesion of MJ, and Attempt of Possestion of Parifinalia. Or w/e....
    What do I do, Im so worried.

    Within the first 20 mins of being illegally detained, I asked them to bring me one of my shirts (Had a terrible sunburn, couldn't even drive) **thats why my friend was driving the car** and he said he would but never did? Can anything be done about that....

    What do i Do :(
  6. What did you do to promt the DEA to search you? Last time I checked, the DEA isn't in the habit of stopping and searching random people.

    If you were crossing a border I believe that gives them the right to search your car....but that wouldnt be the DEA
  7. You're guilty of being vague for sure.
  8. You got 2 pretty small charges man..... your going to spend more fighting them than not.... doesnt matter if that shit was yours or not, you had it.... Just like if you were found with a murder weapon in the car.... even if it wasnt yours, you just became a prime suspect. If you didnt have any bud though, it probably should have only been the para charge.... im not really sure on the state laws where you live though.....
  9. you think i could get once charge dismissed?
  10. I was like OMFG and then i saw it was by the DEA and thought i feel forry for this dude, just typical :(

    By the way laws don't apply for the DEA.
  11. pretty sure they do, where did you read/see/hear that

  12. Nancy Reagan said it. lol

  13. they don't. They murder dogs illegaly raid dispencery's and go against FEDERAL LAW.

  14. because they /are/ federal law. sadly enough.

    theyneed to have two seperate branches, /the law/ and /the cops/
  15. Before you were read your charges you were considered "detained" not arrested, so they didn't have to read you your rights,

    They're assholes like that.
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    Raiding dispenaries is following federal law lol.... weed is and will be federally illegal for a while.... even if states legalized, the feds could end it pretty easily, if we weren't in up the ass debt, but they would stll try until they ran out of funds lol
  17. Seriously? I thought everybody knew this. :confused:
  18. Dea?? Are you sure it wasn't a Border Patrol Checkpoint?

    How the heck would the DEA get permission for a CP???
  19. OP your story needs to be more detailed in order for us to give advice.
  20. Oddly enough, as soon as you put my hands behind my back and restrict my freedom of movement I feel arrested.

    The law in the country is getting out of hand.

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