Illegal immigration taking young adult's jobs

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  1. Maybe for good....

    A Drought of Summer Jobs: Immigration and the Long-Term Decline in Employment Among U.S.-Born Teenagers | Center for Immigration Studies

    The main problem is that this will hurt these young adult's chances of getting jobs later in life. Illegal immigration is destroying young American's chances at a future.
  2. Everytime I see someone say this, I can't help but laugh. The only kind of jobs that may be harder to aquire due to illegal immigration, are the kind of jobs no intelligent person will ever want like: grueling manual labor. Even some of the shittiest jobs out there still require proof that one is in the country legally.

    Sure there's some businesses that hire illegal immigrants, but again those are for the crappiest jobs that no one else wants nor should want. You never hear about a CEO getting deported.

    So I am going to put it simply: If your kid is half-retarded and aspires to work an incredibly shitty job, then this whole illegal immigration thing is something you better keep an eye on.

    I find it funny how people who are too incompetent to find a job always blame illegal immigration.

  3. Seems to be the perfect job for inexperienced teens. :confused:

    Did you even read the article, or just laugh at it?
  4. Yea i did read the article and grueling manual labor is by far not the perfect job for a teen.
    What kind of a kid goes: hmm this summer I want to slave away cutting lawns or carrying heavy rocks from point A to point B

    Most kids want jobs like working at six flags or abercombie&fitch. These types of jobs are not affected by illegal immigrants.

    Btw, an ideal job for a kid would be an internship related to thier desired profession. This is also something that would not be affected by illegal immigrants.
  5. So why do you think less teens are working every summer?
  6. im sorry but your feeble mind has been brainwashed by the MSM to believe that teenagers dont want manual labor jobs

    wait for drone, he'll back me up

  7. This isn't the case. Did you even read the study? Teens who need jobs cant get them, because cheaper illegal immigrant work is taking their place. Its not a matter of intelligence. The teens not being able to get these jobs hurts them with employment when they get older.

    Talk about tired talking points. Do you understand we're talking about the lowest bracket of the job market next to illegals right?

    What do you have to refute this study?
  8. I can't tell if your serious or trying to be sarcastic.

    If your serious: are you kidding me? It is common sense. If a kid thinks, "hmm this summer I really want to cut lawns, this job suits me the most". Then I very much doubt they will be succesful in the future anyway.

    Who the fuck wants to work at a grueling manual labor job? besides a bunch of dumb rednecks, that is
  9. This has nothing to do with the MSM or me.

    This is a legitimate study done by a legitimate organization. If you dont believe the study, then find some data to refute it.
    From the study:

    Oh man, now you're attacking people who do manual labor with racial slurs. Nice. No wonder you're one of the few people here with negative rep.
  10. So they'd be more succesful by not working and just leeching off their parents?

    I don't understand.
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    Hey, don't forget free health care till they're 26, or free money from Nanci Pelosi so they can be a poets.
  12. I understand the importance of kids finding work, but why does it have to be a shitty job. What about working a really crappy job would make a kid more succesful?

    Doing an internship will help your reach success

    Working a job related to your field will help you reach sucess

    I fail to see the lesson mowing lawns will bring.
  13. lol do you even know what a racial slur means. Do you consider being a redneck an ethnicity?

    What are you trying to say that every kid should aspire to work in manual labor when they grow up?

    Let me ask you an important question: do you consider doing manual labor all your life a succesful "career"?

    I will use your answer to decide whether I should continue this debate or not even bother
  14. There is much you don't understand
  15. Redneck is a racial slur for a rural/poor white person. Its no different than wetback, zipper head or any of the other retarded racial slurs people like you insist on using.

    Redneck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    No, but I'm not a teenager. Like everyone here and the study keeps trying to tell you is that is the sort of job entry level teens can get. If they cant get those jobs, it hurts them when they get older and need better jobs.

    Please feel free to remove yourself. You aren't contributing anything of substance.
  16. There is much you fail to see.
  17. 1) Racial slur and derogatory slang term are not the same thing. Even though this is irrelevant to the discussion at hand, I feel compelled to point out your error

    2) As I have pointed out earlier. The only job market that is substantially effected by illegal immigrants is the grueling manual labor one. The vast majority of the better entry level jobs check to make sure you are in the country legally before hiring you in order to avoid a huge fine by the government.

    3) do you want me to get out, because I disagree with you? Are you getting angry? Does being wrong upset you? Sorry
  18. Then please enlighten me: what does a kid learn from mowing lawns that can't be learned from working as an office assistant or a sales rep at Foot Locker?
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    Well for starters edging. There's also the mechanics of whatever lawnmower your using. You can also learn about different types of mowers and weed eaters. :D

    If you didn't catch it, I was simply making fun of you for quoting aaronman's post with a nice response, and then reqouting his "I don't understand comment" from the same post and responding "There is much you don't understand." It really shows what you are looking for on this site.
  20. lol yea that's what I thought you meant. You'd be suprised though how many times on here I assumed people were bieng sarcstic or trying to make a joke, when they were bieng dead serious. That is why, I try to take everything I see here at face value

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