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    This was about to be posted in my "Questions about hallucinogens" thread, but was deleted for breaking the rules, here is what I was about to post.

    To mods, when doing my research of these "illegal substances" a lot of the stories/information I have read came from here (sources will be at the end of this) So reading all those and seeing know one saying anything, I thought it would be fine. Please inform me why I am the one getting harassed about this post if there are many others out there you havn't even acknowledged? There talking about illegal substances arn't there threads against the rules too? Honestly I think this website would be better off with a section to talk about these drugs. You say we can't talk about them because there illegal, they arn't illegal EVERYWHERE. There are lots of websites that allow you to talk about them. I understand this is a marijuana website, and you don't want people like me posting in the general section about this, so why not make a specific section just for this? If you want your website dedicated to marijuana talk and nothing else, why keep pandoras box section?

    But to everyone posting in this, don't risk getting banned to reply to this, I have this thread posted on 2 different websites and it is already fairly popular. So if you still wish to discuss it, PM me and I shall link you to them. I thank you all for the help and information you all gave me. It has been very useful!

    Sources (might want to get rid of these threads?):

    I can find plenty more if needed, I just wan't to know whats the problem about it? Not trying to cause anything as much as it sounds, but whats with this rule? I know you can't catch every thread, but these were on the top list of google when doing my research, and I figured "Hey this must be a good place to talk about it" Because nothing was done about those. If you want to get rid of these illegal drug threads, I suggest step up your game, or create a specific section for it. Because people googling doing the same thing I was and finding those threads, are just gonna cause them to do the same thing as me.

    Thank you

    Edit: I know I am gonna get crap from all the dedicated blades "THIS IS A MARIJUANA DISCUSSION ONLY WEBSITE, IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT LEAVE." But in all honesty I just want to know what your main reason is for these rules, and why you don't allow it, or if you don't like it so much crack down on it..
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    Every one of those threads you linked to were made before the rule change. You're absolutely right, staff members have not gone through all 696,709 threads to close/delete the ones that are now against the rules. :rolleyes:

    I guess they figured this thread stuck to the top of two diffferent forums covered what was now allowed and why the change happened. Although I can speak from personal experience that staffers did go through Pandora's Box and got rid of the threads in the last year or so that were now off topic and as the threads get bumped, they are taken care of.

    I personally am happy they made the change. ;)

    Oh, and Pandora's Box was never "the other drug" forum (although near the end before the rule change it sure seemed that way). In fact, it could be said the box was hijacked by the cough syrup crowd. :)
  3. Well, that thread explains a lot to me. Before reading that, I was just thinking they wanted this a strict, marijuana only website (which I understand), but was confused why they allowed sub forums like pandora box, if there couldn't be a sub form for other substances.

    Thanks for explaining.
  4. Yup, FenceWalker covered it. :p

    Pandora's Box isn't for discussion of other drugs, it's for controversial topics. It's true that is where threads like that were put when it was allowed, but it is no longer allowed and old threads regarding drugs other than marijuana will be dealt with if they are bumped. :wave:
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