Illadelph triple coil condensor...

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  1. So ive smoked my enough pot throughout my years that i think i know my shit and i have seen something that left me speechless... for 15 minutes at least. illadelphs are my favorite bongs and one day in school i got bored and decided to look up illadelph bongs. this is what i found.
    [ame=""]YouTube - illadelphkiller at work[/ame]
    now dont get me wrong this guy is a loser but his bong is amazing. the single coil one perc bong ive smoked is the best ive ever touched and this thing takes a huge shit on its face.
  2. Oh my god that was crazy and hilarious at the same time,it's got a perc(I think?) and a 4 arm ashcatcher and 3 fuckin coils, and it's a beaker.
    That's absolutly insane! Even though he coughed up a storm, that was pretty lame.
    I bet he did it to look cool, I mean it DID, but he couldn't even half clear it, should have left off the ac
  3. Does anyone know a basic price on a illy like this? Local shop has this exact one and wants $7000 for it, no thats not a typo.
  4. i think this is the guy off of the "weed report" (not dave warden)
  5. wtf is that are those coil things 4?
  6. hahah i cant believe he even coughed after a hit that smooth.. 3 coils, tree arm perc, 4arm ac and still coughing?!?!?!
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    i cant believe its been this long since ive seen someone who actually bought that beast.. the one is still sitting at gotham i think idk lol..

    but i need some better milk shots and picks to do this thing justice man..

    that is one huge rip and im sure the smoke is soo cool you could hit it even harder!
    wish it was the one with the circulator perc instead of the tree's though that shit is tight..

    anyways sick vid.
  8. Haha that's a great find!
  9. my smokeshop said 3 or 4k but I think I could talk the price down with him on it
  10. wow amazing glass terrible guy to hit it, but whatever haha nice find. that thing is ridiculous
  11. Would never pay for something like that, but would be a cool expierence to hit it.

    Edit: Anyone else notice he has a huge pile of weed in the bowl, yet when he picks up the whole ashcatcher part to show you it, he hold it and the bowl at a 180 degree angle? Weird.
  12. yeah 3-4 grand sounds about right, I feel sorry for anyone stupid enough to pay 7K for that, rich or not...
  13. that guy wasn't even using the ashcatcher it normally comes with, check it out

  14. damn thats fucking tricked out
  15. seems like a good waste of money. those coils are so big there probably easy to break in the freazer. and thats another thing i dont like about coils. they serve no purpose unless cold. and who wants to stop a smoke sesh to throw the coil in the freezer for an hour or 2
  16. definition of overkill. sorry but there is no point to three condensers and i am pretty sure that might be papasandbeer lol. not sure, but maybe, just maybe :rolleyes:
  17. no thanxs id rather spend 3-4 grand on a used car or something. i mean if you spend that much money on a bong with allllll that shit to cool/smooth the hit and he still coughs.. wtf man ill stick to my single perc i bout for $100
  18. I would buy it for 3 grand but def not 7
  19. agreed with travo. theres so many better ways to spend 3-4k and especially more productive. im about to spend 700 on a toro and thats a lot for me
  20. Just cause you dont have as sick of a bong as this guy doesnt mean you get to shit on his.
    Its a phat bong... jesus just give him a compliment and stop tryin to fuckin knock other people down. ass hole.

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