Illadelph is this fake or real

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  1. Does anyone know if this is fake or real? I think it might be fake saw a fake one online for $60
    Here's the link to the fake one I just got $50 Coupons!

    What do you guys think

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  2. Where'd you get it from, if its from a good headshop i'd assume it would not be fake
  3. ILLADELPH actually has a list of qualified retailers on there website .
    Did you get a box with it that has foam cutouts ? And a Santa Cruz shredder should have came with it.
  4. I hate it when I can't see the images bet it looks like a beaut

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  5. How much did you pay? Where/How did you acquire it?
  6. that is genuine and dope as fuck
  7. but sadly fake, if it was a real one the lettering would be etched in the glass
  8. how does it feel in your hands? how thick is the glass? on a cheap knockoff, obviously the quality won't be any where near as high as the name brand, and one should be able to get a good idea simply by the feel and look of it in their hands.. is it heavy or light in your hand? quality, thick glass will weigh quite a bit, as opposed to cheap chinese glass that's thin and a poorer quality, which won't have the same weight to it.
  9. i fully back what racerboy says

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