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  1. Im having a hard time finding Illadelph around me. Anyone know the closest place to the twin cities that sells Illadelph. Even if its in another state...just the closest shop.
  2. Could get one online, from headyglass. Sorry I couldn't help much.
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    im pretty sure you can order them off illadelph online
  4. Well I would order offline but is it just me or are their prices online ridiculous? A standard blue label baby beaker is $330 and I would like to add an ashcatcher onto that which is $260! Thats almost $600 for a pretty simple set I missing something here?
  5. The Illadelph Glass Store's site is pricey, but 100% legit and with great customer service.

    If you want a coil, buy one online from ALT. They're a bit cheaper.
  6. true but you get what you pay for
  7. ^^^
    Same Illy coils on ALT, but for $800+ instead of $1000.

  8. Homegrown Glass
  9. did anyone see that Salt/Illy collab on illadelph online? they have it priced at $5900. Fucking ridiculous.
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    They actually have a $10,000 quad coil on their site. Now that's ridiculous!

  11. I've heard quite a few horror stories of the seals wearing out and causing the coils to leak glycerin, but only on the removable tube design... not the one piece.
  12. damn QUAD COIL? wow the illadelph blowers are insane! thats my new background image
  13. I believe they have closed down. I went to their old shop in uptown and it was empty. Do you know if they just moved or what happened?
  14. Illadelphonline is legit, but wayyy over priced. I wish we had someone who was willing to go to their headshop =[

    I need a straight tube illy with a a perc. id trade my camo 7mm illy ;)
  15. It is, but it's nice for me since I'd have to drive at least 6+ hours to get to a shop that sells Illy.

    Anyway, I just got off the phone with the Glass Store and my 9mm wood label tall beaker is back ordered for a month or so, so they're upgrading me to a 9mm platinum label tall beaker which will go out by Wednesday with upgraded shipping and an extra free downstem!:hello:
  16. anyone...? any headshops Wisconsin that sell illadelph?
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    MN resident chiming in here...

    The short answer for the OP is no. Stuff like Illy, Toro, SG, Hops, etc.. etc... is really hard to find up here. The shops that rarely have one or two in stock buy them from other headshops and because it's so hard to find Illy in MN, they go out the door in a heartbeat.
    But my question to you is why do you want an Illy so bad in the first place?? Imho they are fucking way overpriced and overrated as well. Not trying to hate, but for the kind of money you'd throw down on a condenser coil, you could also be looking at a Toro 7/13 or double circ tube - both of which will easily mop the floor with anything Illy makes, not to mention you'll also have quite a bit of change to spare too.
    I don't want to come off sounding like I'm an Illy hater, buy they carry a real premium on their price tags. Is is worth it? We'll that's ultimately up to you. If you're hell bent on getting one though I'd check out ALT as others here have said. I've dealt with them and will vouch for good service and shipping.

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