Illadelph frosted beaker value

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  1. Yoo whats good....wondering what you think a fair price would be for a used but in perfect condition illadelph beaker, shower downstem, and bowl. Heres a pic

    illadelph frosted beaker - Google Search

    Sorry it wont let me attatch link on an ipad
  2. It's just a beaker with a showerhead diffy and a slide so like $100 disregarding the fact that people will pay more for an illy.
  3. How thick is the glass?

    I got my 9mm illadelph off craigslist for 150, but that's cause the guy I bought it off cut me a better price for driving all the way to get it :hello:

  4. Haha i dont think so buddy its 9mm thick and with top quality glass. Amd downstem is comparable with alex k as well
  5. Lol Illadelph's glass isn't anything better than what most other popular companies use. The fact that it's 9mm doesn't really mean much. I'm not saying that it's a bad tube. But for what Illadelph wants you can get something much better.

    And if an illy downstem is comparable to an alex k then pretty much any other showerhead downstem is also.
  6. Personally I think that illadeph's are the best. Their joint is thicker so it's more durable and less likely to break. You could always buy protection. Companies like make protective pieces for popular companies like illadeph and roor
  7. So they manufacture gimmick cases for gimmick water pipes?

    Couldn't be a gimmick.

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