Illadelph for cheap

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  1. I'm buying a illy beaker bottom from craigslist. Guy offered $200 but I got him to do it for $80 with a quad of nug. From the pic it seems legit, but it doesn't have an emblem above the beaker bottom.

    So what do u guys think? Fake?
    I'll rep for some help, I'm desperate! Haha thx.
  2. could be the older one without the emblem, pics are needed to say anything else...
  3. If there's no emblem and it's a platinum label, I'm gonna call fake. I've also seen a couple Illys that say EST 2004 on the label, should say 2002. Honestly, if he's doing it for $80 with a quad of nug, unless it's the dankest of the dank, do you think you're getting a real Illy?

    That being said, there are places you can snag legit beaker bottoms and straight shooters for 200ish.
  4. i'll tell you one thing that has never failed...if it sounds to good, then it probably is bullshit.

    Hope that helps.
  5. After checking out the thread, definitely fake, unless he grunge-offed the emblem or something..
  6. Well the old Illy's didn't have the emblem above the beaker....but that base looks way different from my buddy's rasta label so my vote is fake. Too good to be true if he wanted 80 bucks for it if you ask me...

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