Illadelph exclusive to Philly?

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  1. Can you pick up Illadelph glass in NYC or is it exclusive to Philly?
    I don't know much about Illadelph except that from the pictures they look leaagguuee.
    Oh, and if you're from NYC and have one, name of a store/price would be majorly appreciated.
  2. there is a ton of places. I am a bad speller but I think it's called Gothem or Gotham. I don't know where it is but back in college everyone went there
  3. i definitely think i've heard of it. good lookin out my man!
    you know what part of town it's in?

    store locator.
  5. anyone know if NY Gifts cards people?

    cause if so that means its a solo mission
  6. Of course they do....
  7. damn arite thanks for the heads up my man. guess my bud can't come.
  8. if you look like your around 19 they wont. if your worried about getting carded you probably look too young
  9. ny gifts is your best bet for an illy in nyc. great guys in there also
  10. they sell them in many places.

    shit, the headshop in my shitty college town in tx is stocked with them...
  11. Picked up my Illy at NY Gifts, good place, just make sure you haggle the prices down.
  12. Well I think at NY Gifts you have to be 19 ? once again I am not 100% sure
  13. No, NYC is 18, long island is 19...
  14. Shit, I bought an Illadelph in Florida. NYC should be no problem.

  15. I just thought it was 19 because I think someone said it on here
  16. if gotham is an option GO THERE...and do not be linked to an Illy because of the name, regardless of the store.
    tons of great glass @ gotham thou and, IMO, you can do much better for the price then a illadelph
    KEEP AN OPEN MIND wherever you go, there are tons of great tube companies these days

    just my .02 thou
  17. thanks for the heads up. gotham is wayyy too outta the way. i'm way too lazy to go that far hahahaha.

    again another great heads up.

    nah i think i should be fine.... i guess my bud will find out when he gets there hahahaha. and its 18 though isnt it?

  18. watch out, ive seen kids get refused service because they have gone into a shop with a minor. The store owners do have the right to refuse to let you purchase something if you walk in their store with someone that is under age.

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