illadelph coil w/ perc

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  1. I think i want this to be my next piece does anyone know how much they run for?
  2. Anywhere from 700+...probably more since you want a perc. If you haven't done research on other companies in that price range you may want too...lots of other tubes available besides a coil.
  3. cobra has some of the nicest tubes i've seen
    listen to him

    i also recommend looking around a bit
    i like illadelph. and i like their coil tubes
    but you can get almost anything you want for that price
  4. I've seen regular tubes with the coil for 700 and up, and with the perc too, most likely 850 or higher, maybe even just below a grand.
  5. oh wow i wasnt expecting them to run for so much. money isnt really an issue but if im going to spend 700-900 i mite change my mind and consider a nice stemless toro.
  6. Many would tell you that is a wise decision :).
  7. Please get a Toro. You won't regret it.
  8. i'm ith cobra, if you can get a toro get it over the coil
  9. ok i guess toro it is. does anyone know how much the 13/8 is?
  10. im also getting a toro stemless whenever i can get up to Province next. Ive heard they range anywhere from 600-1000.. im sure it depends on where you get it and how many trees and whatnot. im sure others will know.
  11. agreed, for the same 700 bucks u can get a toro fixed-stem with a total of like 20 somethin arms :hello::hello:
  12. does anyone no how much the toro stemless disc diffusers run for?
  13. at my local headshop, the stemless disc diffuser Toros are notably cheaper than the fixed stems with tree percs, $600 for the stemless's all the way up to $700 for the 7-13's and as much as $800 for the inline Toro's with tree percs.
  14. I've seen them without out a perc sell from like 450-600

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