Illadelph beaker - Need help

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  1. hey guys,

    i was thinking about buying an illy blue lable beaker from a friend and i just wanted to get a legit check from you blades :hello: and if there arent enough pictures or pictures arent good enough let me know and ill get better pictures. Thanks a lot!

    edit: the a/c next to it isnt illy btw just the tube and ds

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  2. Bigger pics would be better, but it looks legit from what I can see.
  3. The question is how much is he asking?

  4. pics specifically of what or where on the tube ? thanks.

    and he was asking 350, but im trading him my old iphone 3gs (worth150) and 50 so about 200 is what im gonna be giving.
  5. Buy it for $50 + the iphone. It's real and it has an illy showerhead which is nice. Ask him if he has an illy space case to throw in with it.
  6. Sounds like a good deal to me!
  7. Yeah thats not a bad deal, I would probably buy something else personally but being able to trade the Iphone is nice. Looks clean tho.
  8. Be careful I bought an illadelph beaker just like that that was fake.
  9. I'd try to talk him down to the phone and $20-25. After all, it is just a beaker tube with a showerhead diffy.

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