Illadelph ash catcher users

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  1. Anyone else noticing problems with the down stem diffuser holes constantly getting clogged? Almost as if the holes are too small?
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    Non illadelph owner coming in to say thats a common problem with most diffusers. Get yourself some toothpicks and be ready to poke. 
  3. That's why we clean the bongs.....they get resinated and clogged after a while. It happens.
  4. do you own a disc ash catcher with fixed stem from illadelph? This has nothing to do with cleaning your bong.
  5. I clean daily. orange chronic all day or iso and sea salt(fine)
  6. No I do not own those things. I am dickhead wannabe know it all that just hijacks threads all day on GC. Sorry.
  7. well bybyour last comment I couldn't tell. Diffuser holes get clogged cause of dirty bong?
  8. LOL. So am I. I'm the dick headiest. :laughing:

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