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    I'm looking for someone to make a schematic for a grow cabinet, made out of a four drawer wooden file cabinet, with an air filtration system, best possible covert hydroponic system, all of course DIY, and the best strain for such a setup that is available in feminized seeds. beginning to end would be excellent.

    i've searched so much lately,
    and i'm sure a pro could help me the best.

    i know i'm lazy, but I want this thing to be FOOLPROOF and i'm sure it could be an awesome project.

    +rep to anyone who helps me,
    i have 52 points i can give out (i think thats how it works)

    MUCH MUCH MUCH appreciated.

    The cabinet is 54" tall by 21" wide by 28" deep.
    I'd prefer to use CFLs
    I want it all to be inside the cabinet, so it looks only like a cabinet (besides the vent ducts)
    as far as how many plants I want to grow, it's all relative to how much I'll be able to do.
    I was intending on SCROG, i've read much about it.

    I'm looking to get a layout and parts list, some links would be AWESOME, and I wouldn't have a mother, I'd grow it from a seed, do all the steps, and harvest it.

    I hope thats enough info haha.
  2. FIRST... need to know the dimensions of your new cabinet... or is this being made by you?

    as far as strains.. if you have the room... red diesel.. read a review and nugs were about the size of a fist... twice as long... seriously retarded....all kinda depends on the size of your grow space

    fan.... depends on your grow space
    filter.. depends on the size of your fan and grow space

    so you have decided to make a DWC? use five gallon buckets... or use the 3.5 gallon buckets if height is a factor... if you go with the 3.5 gallons your going to have to add a res.. your going to go threw so much water... like tons of it

    how many plants? depends on the size of your grow space

    i recommend a screen of green.... its kinda like sticking a chain link fence ten inches or so above your grow... maximizes your grow space

    lights.... personal preference..... also depends on the size of your grow space... and this also might make your fan larger... and your ducting larger....

    this is suppose to be stealth right?

    what are you looking to get out of this... a layout and a parts list.... maybe some links to some awesome diy projects? gotta ask for specific things.... just throwing out there... i need you to design my cab is a little vague..... is this also suppose to keep your mother plant? is the res suppose to be in there? how bout some pics of your grow space... and how much your looking to get out of this.. like whats your habit like? anything is better than nothing..........

    maybe you look at this as being a dick but seriously.... people love to help.... they just need to know where to fit in....

    take some pictures and host them here on GC... put them in your post.... give some dimensions of the grow space we have to work with... and any obstacles in the way...

    keep your rep
  3. 16 square feet... more or less inside grow space....

    times three for removing the air three times in one minute =48CFM

    times two... for the carbon filter=96CMF rated fan or better

    use a computer fan... maybe you have one round the house you can reuse.. just check the cmf ratings... when in doubt... ask if it will work and refer to the numbers listed

    make your own carbon filter..... ill try to find the one i made.. it was like 30 bucks.. but yours can be cheaper if we have to cut corners... the diy section has a whole list of them, don't know how handy you are.

    I like the lucas formula... its very neat and clean.... i do the add back... if you google it and really read it you'll figure it out... basically its two nutes... mixed by ml per gallon... this depends on the size of your grow... and you add water till you have replaced the total number of gallons then you make a new batch of nutes... uses general hyroponics brand...

    your only going to have very limited space in your cab... you can try a do it yourself bubble bucket.. make sure you put in the sight on the side of the bucket... and a drain.. just follow the guide.. ill find that for you

    lighting..... there's variables here... if your using an auto or not.. and how large you want your plant... a general rule of thumb is 150 watts minimum per plant... CFL's are the way to go for you for your space... 2700K bulbs for flower and 5700K bulbs for veg... make sure you double check the actual wattage of your bulbs.. not replacement value... you need enough actual wattage to total more than 150... more or less(ex. your vegging your plant and you are using 26W 5700K bulbs... your going to need a minimum of 6).... same for flower... the larger the CFL the less they become efficient... so if power is a factor... use smaller wattage clf's just use more of them.... if not grab 2 200WCFL's and just be done with it... in their respective Kelvins of course

    Pump.. get the biggest you can find.... i use a whisper 100... lots of bubbles

    You never really said your budget...


    ph pen,
    ph up
    ph down
    ph calibration solution
    five gallon bucket with net pot lid and fittings for sight and drain
    air pump with tubing and back flow preventers
    fan and power supply(don't need any ducting, no room)
    parts to make your carbon filter
    hydroton or some other form of grow material
    rock wool cubes
    hangers or chains
    screen(make your own out of pvc and nylon string) 2" holes
    timer for your light or lights
    power strips
    mylar or ducting tape(reflective kind)

    Water...... where is your water coming from? do you have an R.O. system? if not plan on purchasing water at the store.... distilled water.. just start looking for the cheapest prices

    i know im forgetting something..... it will come to me
  4. Lucas Formula

    this is the lucas formula expanded.... it only uses Micro and bloom...General hydoponics Brand flora series

    just read this and save the link... your going to refer to this once or twice.... pick the method that best suites you and run with it.... i only use Number 1.... i only monitor PH... not PPM
  5. http://forum.grasscity.com/do-yourself/121335-lets-build-bubble-bucket-step-step.html

    here is how to build a bubble bucket and it really breaks it down for you.. step by step and there's alot of questions your going to have that will be explained here.........

    +note+.... you must read every post from start to finish.... this took me three days... you will no long have questions.... Start to Finish..... get a snack... bring a water..... three days
  6. http://forum.grasscity.com/do-yourself/557994-carbon-scrubber-step-step.html

    here is a pretty easy do it yourself and the guy added a fan... the only thing i would do differently is use your pc fan and put in a 90 degree elbow and bend the elbow down to save room...

    still looking for how i designed mine... but your only going to have one plant at one time...

    maybe your disappointed but you can have one really awesome plant or a bunch of shitty one's

    feel free to stop me at any time if im loosing you or you have changed your mind...
    now im testing your creativity
  7. http://forum.grasscity.com/do-yourself/639492-diy-cfl-lighting-unit.html

    here's a fairly simple do it yourself lighting rig... it only uses power strips and stuff found at home depot or lowes...

    i like this because it uses the cheaper and lower wattage CFL's... easily replaced and more efficient.... build it to suit your needs and get some chains or this guy used rope
  8. http://forum.grasscity.com/do-yourself/518723-diy-carbon-scrubber-6-flange.html

    here is the carbon filter i made... slightly modified design... but on a whole mostly the same

    I did however make it look much better..... but the popo wont care what it looks like.. just what it smells like

    I think for your application.... the other design best suites your needs... and its cheaper and easier to build
  9. Wow, Tihspeed, you are a real trooper...

    To the OP, you want someone to draw you a schematic? Because you're lazy (your words)? I can't see that being a good use of anyone's time but your own. If you want us to critique or improve upon your ideas that's one thing, but do it all myself? No thank you.

    And respectfully, if you can't or won't draw your own schematic then I don't know how you expect you will be able to build it.

    Hint: good growers display initiative...
  10. thanks toasty for the kind words.... i now will give you rep... hahahahahaha

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