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ill tell you a secret...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. many, many months ago i put away a nice stash..i mean, nice. an my 6 months cured stored ( in a cool temp place)this weed is insane. :D serius question:is it like wine? does it get beter?....
    the difference between the crap we buy 50$for a quarter will get you high but damn!!!, ya know so harsh an all.and is often FULL OF SEEDS!

    so smooth, all smoke should be like this :).....
    an its a dam shame when its not.

  2. thats a great secret :p

    n I think if its in the fridge airtight n stuff its like wine
  3. There's only one way to find out :)
  4. no...weed tends to go stall pritty quickly just like smoke does...i mean u can still smoke it and it will still get u high...but the tast will just be the worts ever
  5. aww i think its close to perfect...tight in jars, aired once in a hidden in a refrig-like climate :D going to have to disagree with your mrbigbuds.....its 6 months old, smooth sticky, an still needs to be cut with scissors (i know, iknow, not my tool of coice, but eh, its sticky!)

  6. well long as its keepet in air tigt jars but if u keept in in a bag like i will get stale and u know when ur weed has gone stale when it almost smells like vinger...thanks....peace....MrSbb
  7. whatda take me for an
    im just teasin ya.......
  8. Hahahahaha lol. So you got some good shit eh?

    Smoke it up and enjoy!
  9. acurse i got me some goodies budhead,think id do allll that work an let the boys take ALL my stuff?...
    ya think im an idiot too?eh
    i do learn my lessons.
    an i do enjoy...:D
  10. HIGH All, right on HIGHa...nothing like smoking cured six month old BUD. When you make it into this part of the world you can try some of our BUD. We have some nice looking girls happening right now and when come clipping time in the middle of March...well...I have some BUDs picked out just for you.
  11. what can i a girl say to that? *huge smile*.
    i cannot wait.*bows to the master*

    i really wasnt sure on my question im glad its good.i thought ita mighta been. cause i sure is gettin high :D

  12. aaah it feels soooo good to be right.

  13. i love stickin' some orange peels in a sack. it makes it taste ohh soo much better. hehe


  14. You sound like this is the first time you have been right!
  15. mmm buds cured for 6 months, cheers to you higha, because we couldn't wait that long. 3 months just barely and it was greedily consumed. ahh but it was nice!

    your patience will pay off rewardlingly :)

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