I'll post my story, too.

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  1. can you like delete peoples posts or something

  2. What do you mean, man?
  3. You need to finish this bro, it took me all day to read but dammit I read it and I deserve an update
  4. Uh really dude? You had me read all that shit just to fucking write "two weeks later" and not write anything else?

    This is something I can definitely relate to. Not so much the story, but the feelings. I've been sober for a year and I've spent a lot of time shooting dope and a lot of time in treatment.

  5. I updated it today, the ~Two weeks later~ is where I'm going to start off again when I update it again today. Sorry about that. Did you like it, Smokin?
  6. Yes I did. It was a little hard to follow at first but I got the hang of it.

  7. May I ask what was hard to follow about it? o.o; I haven't heard that one yet. :rolleyes:
  8. It was kind of like written like you have really bad A.D.D. like one minute we're talking about one thing and the next minute you rewind to something completely different. Just the structure of it I guess wasn't very well organized but that is a unique characteristic to it, not saying its bad at all just different. it was very well written.
  9. Like you really didn't need to introduce Sam 10 paragraphs before she even becomes a party of the story.

  10. Did I really do that, man? I don't... hahahha. I'm a dunce. Nah, man, I don't have ADD or anything I think my brain is like that because of my anxiety and paranoia, like it's hard for me to just.... I don't have any idea as to how to explain it. But, I don't have ADD. Promise. :>
  11. I was being sarcastic just joking around with you man. And whats the thing that you "did" to that baseball player in highschool. You never told us in the story. PM if you'd like.

  12. I'll put it into my next update. ;) Also, they think I talked shit to a deceased football player.
  13. Even though I missed the convo yeah I loved it.

    Nah it's not hard to follow you do switch subjects really fast in the beginning without finishing.

    You introduced Sam and never went back to get your lipped pierce and what happened between you and Olivia.

    I had a friend who was baker acted, so it was nice reading about the experience. When you yelled at your dad "I'm so fucking tired of you sending me there, why can't you just leave me the fuck alone" I felt your pain. He did just seem to send you there whenever he got his panties in a knot. ( no pun intended, well maybe lol)

    I never tried it, really don't plan on it but from the outlook of your story. Why didn't you keep taking the "nikes" they seemed to really benefit your life except the completely depression look on life afterwords.

  14. Thanks for the constructive critisism, man. Highly appreciated. Hhahah, I'm glad you felt my pain.. I mean, not glad, I don't know - I'm just happy you understood, is all. Also, I can't find the nikes anymore. It sucks. I miss Molly. D:
  15. Man, you ain't alone with the depressed kid of feeling and acting normal around all your friends. Shit sucks. Stayed home on one of my best friend's bday cause I just wasn't up to going and acting happy. Then she moved away before her next bday. Good thing I'd found weed before Senior year cause that was one shitty year. Good story, bro. Keep updating.

  16. Will do, broham, will do!
  17. Been reading your story and am enjoying it, cant wait for the next update! In the mean time, does anyone have any pages that are a similar read?

  18. Good question!
  19. what did you say about that kid ? I missed something !

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