Ill miss you Mosie.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nushaganazad, May 19, 2006.

  1. Well guys, this week has pretty much blown balls, Yesterday was court where ALOT of bad shit happened, that im not going to get into. But, i just got back from the Vet, where we had to put MY dog, Mosie down. She was the greatest dog EVER! Beautiful Black German Sheperd, she was 14 years old, and when i was 4 years old i went to a farm and picked her outta the liter. Five years ago she was diagnosed with diabetes, and caterax made her go completly blind, earlier this year she started showing signs of terible artheritus(sp?), she couldnt barely walk, bark, or anything for the past month or so. So we had to put her to sleep about an hour ago, ill miss her. Love you mosie!
  2. damn dude, that sucks so much :( such a shitty way to top off all the shit going on.
  3. sorry to hear that man.
  4. dude thats rough, i love my dogs more than most people, i know how that feels.
  5. Sorry bro. Dogs are great.
  6. I almost feel you, bro. My shep is about to go, too. He's in his prime years and has had arthretis for awhile now. Been expecting it, though - German shepards have a history of bad joints/tendons.
  7. my dog was murdered
  8. I had my dog of 15 years put down a couple years ago, it sucks. I feel for you and hope you find happiness soon.
  9. very sad news.she must have been a strong pup, thats like 98 in dog years...
  10. sorry to hear that :( we got two dogs and one is gettin really old now, close to 15, and has arthiritis :(
  11. Awww, I'm really sorry to hear that, it always sucks real bad when you've gotta get a pet put down :(
  12. yeah dude, losing an old pet can be downright depressing...yeah not to long ago (bout 1 1/2 months ago) my 11-13 old dog died....kinda sad i didn't even say bye...

    the day before he died, (sad) he was delerious he kept looking side to side...and breathing really hard....and i barely recognized my presence, unless i really emphasized his name...
    and i had to bury my long lived buddy...really sad

    ....only time my friend can heal the wounds of a death....

    heh kinda making me kinda saddish,

    get better buddy, people everyday know/how you feel
  13. Sorry to hear for your loss nush... :(

    I too recently had to put my dog down, I had to lift her limp body off the floor it was easily one of the most heartwrenching things I've ever had to do....

    What really amazed me was how fast a dogs body deteriorates, once they begin to go they're gone, my girl went from running in the park to not being able to get out of her bed in a matter of days...

    Once again sorry for your loss and although it sounds corny she is better off...

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