Ill make sigs for first 5 who RE:

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by crazyfirem, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Heres some of my work
    btw i make my sigs with pics i find

  2. So wait, I just reply?
  3. yes would u like one?
  4. wow nice sigs.

    I don't need one but you have skills bro ;)
  5. hey i want that says.... L-Do.Tx
  6. with a bud
  7. nice sigs man
  8. Hey could I get a sig maybe with the Techon viking or some kinda viking and bud. Thanks man.
  9. Hey I want one.
  10. what do u mean by techno viking? liek techno viking...the guy?
  11. i have everyones done pm me ur emails and i will email them to u
  12. nvm ill put them here
  13. Me please!!! I just want it to say "UP AT 3AM" in cursive writing (but still readable ^_^ ) and the picture is up too you! Maybe like a smoking joint in black and white with rainbow colour smoke? Just some suggestions, thanks in advanced!!!
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    Prolly too late, but I'd like a pink salmon with a turquoise image of Maui inside; green cursive, rounded lettering with even, thin width (similar to chemdog'g510' above, but more feminine, if possible); black background. ;)
  15. Damn,i want one.
  16. Yes! Thank you man.:smoking:
  17. up at 3am and mauison are the last ones im making
  18. How do I make it show my sig? I uploaded the image from my computer to signature and it shows it when I press "preview signature" but it's not under any of my posts?

    EDIT: Never mind just had to post again. Sweet. Thanks man.
  19. [​IMG]
    up at 3am's thing

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