ILL downloadable paintball game for your computer (small file) FREE!! a must have

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    ^^click link and scroll down and download the xball v2.8

    All you have to do is click on the things you want, just click the field last.

    -WASD moves
    -SPACE starts and gives you a temp burst of speed (in game, can be used once)
    -R reloads,
    -C calls yourself out,
    -V wipes (!),
    -T throws in the towel (forfeit game, like if all your guys get out),
    -1-9 sets aggression level of your team.
    -Get shot out? Click on another player to become him!
    -For boards other than stock, right click is full auto.
    -If you hover your cursor over a player on the opposing team and hit X, you're calling for a paintcheck. Its an easy way to get someone out who played on.

    Bigger, heavier items and a lot of paint slows down your player A LOT. Playing on, bouncing trigger, excessive ramping, and overshooting get you penalties. If the ref starts coming after you, just call yourself out or go for the flag hang!

    this game is so addicting eeryone has to try it out and tell me your highscore!! (a score chart will pop up when the game is over)

    for people that don't know which gun to pick heres a list of all the guns that are the fastest.

    -e cocker
    EDIT: and the hopper you want is halo b, the tank the smallest one (for lightweight)
    if you click the ramp board hold down right click to fire guns max bps. this is a cool game everyone try it its not a big file at all.

    POST YOUR HIGHSCORES!! im boughts to play ill post mine. lata
  2. i got 15, you gotta wait till the time runs out i guess. press v to wipe but you have to hit it for every ball that is on you. you'll get used to it after a couple of times.
  3. i got 16 lol

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