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I'll bet my cheerios are soggy!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. Because that would just fit this day. If only I were eating cheerios it would probably be true.

    My computer is on a collision course with whatever it is that computers crash into. Doin it pretty regular now. Time for new guts. So I might get this out, or not, tried twice now, third time is the charm, right?

    My ranch, (ok, not mine, but my fav place on earth) is going to live in the place that all my other memories live. Our friends have been screwed by vengeful rednecks and tweekers and have to be off of 2000 acres of some of God's best work by the end of the month. I ain't going into all the details cause the first two times I tried, puter crashed, so it's telling me to let it go, in it's own special way.

    The horses, (this is majorly bumming me out) are leaving also except for two, which are going to be boarded. My fav tall roan is going to working ranch in western Okieland. So I'm happy for him. Another of the older ones is going to some kids who just lost their horse. The last ol' boy has developed cancer and will probably be put down. While we're at it, had the vet check Flake, our old boy, and he's diabetic, got a bad lung condition, a bad foot, so we'll be putting him down about the same time. Next week probably, got to round up a back hoe. Bud? Ya busy?

    So I'm on stand-by the rest of the month for these kind folks and their horses. They've every right to be rich and snooty. You'll never meet nicer folks! They got a 3 bedroom ranch house that was their home away from home. Spent a few very partied up nights in that house! Gotta move it, all the farm equipment, saddles and tack, etc. etc. etc.

    gotta go play in the real world for awhile,
  2. they had to give up a 2000 acre ranch, they must be heart broken, i would be extatic beyond belief to have that much land to roam around on. doesn't matter what the conditions are, it is a crying shame, hopefully it doesn't get divided into small plots for a subdivision or something(probably going to happen sooner or later).
  3. man, horses are great.
    i'd love to learn to ride em n fight like old ass midevil times
    I'd love to just pull out a sword n start choppin ppl up ;)
  4. Your day does sound like soggy cheerios.

    When it rain it pours. Sorry to hear about your friends and your horse. As long as time keeps moving so does the rest. I hope you get the girls another horse soon. They will be the most upset!

    You never know when the S**T will hit the fan. Just try to ride out the bad and hope for the best.

  5. Your damn straight Budstuff! I've had 6 wonderful years on that place, damn near know every rock and tree on it. Got hours of video, pics, that they'll never be able to take away from me.

    If the indians don't get strapped for cash, it will probably stay as it is for a long time to come. It's actually the Osage Nation. I ain't real sure how it works, but even though the tweeker redneck fux own it, they can't even so much as move a rock, cut a tree, or make a road with out permission from the tribe. So I hope them Osages give them hell!
  6. i am glad to hear that the osage have final word, you know those redneck fucks have some bad intensions though. i have seen this situation too many times in too many places. none of them had a native tribe watching over the land though, that is a promising sign. not sure how the rednecks managed to get ahold of this but it couldn't have been by fair respectable means, hopefully the nation outlasts them.
  7. indians rule.
  8. indeed indians rule, well they did ya once anyhow.

    sorry okie bout everything.- an i thought it was hard to let 30 acres go. dont wannna think about ya needing a back hoe,eek
    take care of yourself ole'boy.
  9. soggy cheerios are always better than soggy steak.

    I mean to say; things could be worse

    some people I know just got evicted so I know how it must feel, they found a new place to go though and I'm sure whoever needs to in your case will as well.

    here's a toke for 2000 more acres that aren't being used for growing pot
  10. we have 40 acres dad owns 20 and my uncle owns 20, then my grandpa has another 10 just next to that makes 50..DER DER cousins inherit the 20 from my uncle, but if they ever decide to sell it, they have to offer it to me at its original price..from back in 1930 or thats dirt cheep for now.
  11. Well, it WAS a beautiful Saturday here. WAS. Somebody left the door to Canada open and now it's leaking all over the place again.

    Got to the ranch early and went on a 3 hour ride. The horses could smell spring in the air so they were spirited pains in the ass. When we got to the open country, their heads were given to them and the 2nd Great Oklahoma Land Rush was underway.

    Got to do everything I wanted to do for my last time out there to play. Rode. Got high. Fished. Got high. Ate lunch. Got high. Took a nap in the sun. Got high. Went on a walkabout. Got really high.

    But the payoff came late in the day. The north wind was starting to kick up, and I was getting that sinking feeling that always comes when we have to leave and go back to the real world. Every since we've been going out there, I've tried to get good pics of my five friends, the horses, to give to our friends who own them for a christmas present. I was already out walking around with a lil' panaoramic camera I got, looking for all my fav views and making sure to capture them for posterity. I was coming back up to the barn and saw the horses starting to mill in for dinnertime. One by one I walked up to them, and of course since this was our last time together, they were posing!!!! I hope the pics come out as good as I think they will.

    In the middle of all of this, while being reflective and somewhat sullen, I hear the cry that so often puts an end to my serenity........DAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!

    I ignore the 1st one, always. Sometimes the 2nd, but if it happens the third time, then something must be up.

    3rd time. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!





    Keep in mind this conversation is going on over a distance of a 100 yds. in a stiff wind.




    IT'S DEAD!


    Back to taking pictures.

    The coyotes came up and said goodbye last night, Rufus wanted to go party with them and was quite upset I did'nt let him. Tonight the Canadian Geese were setting on the creek, honking farewell as we left.

    T'was a little piece of heaven out there. And as slips into memory, it will only get better.

    Adios ranch.

    I shall always remember ye!
  12. I hate to hear that Smokie. Sounds like memories and good times are on that ranch. I would say that would be hard for me to let go of.

    I'm glad that I own my little farm here. I wouldn't want to have to leave it..
  13. Okie, I am so sorry. I would like to thank you, though for the bitchin' little horse ride and woods type trip I just got to take with you all! Be happy every time you look at those pictures........and be happy you got to take the pictures.

  14. Anytime Stony! Does your butt hurt today too?:)

    I fergot the list of things I did'nt get to do at the ranch;

    1. SHROOMS! Never could coincide the two together.

    2. Spend the night in the haunted hunting cabin. Ol' sandstone cabin that sits out in the middle of the woods.

    3. Make the western movie that me and friends had speculated about making. Cowboys and Indians (one anyway)
    shoot outs, horse chases, never could come up with a stagecoach though.
  15. I'm sorry about your soggy cheerios, too! :(

    Memories are cool and all but it's so much better to still be able to hold onto the real thing. You're a good man, Okie! I'm sure your friends will love the pictures!!!
  16. mmmmmmmmm soggy cheerios...
  17. you got the pics and the memories and the place in your dont have to say goodbye smokie *SOB CRY CONVUSLE*

    its so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

    sometimes memories become just as good or better than the real thing :p
  18. Yep, Critter my friend, BUGGER sums it up quite nicely.

    Got the pics back today and they are excellent! I'm gonna go try to find a friend with a scanner AND the knowledge to use it and I'll try to get some of them up here.

    I'd like to thankee all for the kind words. It's been a nice balm to just sit down and type it out. It's been even nicer to have friends around to talk to.

    Y'all good!
  19. 2000 acres! wow...that is a LOT of land. best of luck.
  20. Should I do it or not? Drag up this somber thread one more time? Well, y'alls kind words helped before, so if you'll abide me one last time on this subject.

    Ol' Flake, the subject of several stories, went on to his just reward in Horsey Heaven this morn. We've had many conversations, around sundown in the barn, while he was eating, that if he wanted to go ahead and just lie down and give up, it was alright with me, I'd understand. But he had to have an assist from the vet. He went with all the folks who loved him nearby stroking and petting. He went down easy. Patch has been trooper. He was really her horse, although, after several midnight games of horsey hide and go seek, I'd dispute that fact occasionally. I think she's still a little numb. The girls had a pretty good saltwater session after school, but ya know kids, they bounce back quick.

    The real killer for me was watching the dogs. Usually, after supper, they get antsy, time to go to the pasture, can't make a move towards the door with out dogs under your feet. Tonight, despite three trips by me out the door, they never budged from the fire. Yeah, they were there with us, when he went. Don't you ever tell me that an animal does'nt have a soul. If ya do, I'll argue with ya until the end of time.

    Tonight, somewhere down under the pain and sorrow, there's relief. We were being selfish not putting him down earlier. We were worrying about the pain it would cause us, instead of how much he was hurting. It's gonna be tough driving by the pasture in the morning on the way to work. I think just for tomorrow, I'll take the long way around.

    But one bright spot in all of this! Got word today that all of the ranch horses now have good homes to go to! So there's one little black cloud gone from the shoulder.

    Thank you all blades and bladies for abiding my grief, and letting me get it out. The recovery begins. My horse days appear to be over. But ya know what would have really been sad? If they'd never happened at all. I'll take how low I feel right now, a 1000 times over, before I'd trade one single moment of it. And, I still got a sore butt, and am wearing it proudly!

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