I'll be visiting LA for vacation and oh yea there's ALIFE 1 year Aniv.

Discussion in 'General' started by hoodtalker_1, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. So i will be coming to LA from this wednesday till the 31st. I wanted to maybe meet up and chill with some medical blades out there. Figured id meet some cool GC'ers: chat, grab some food, whatever.

    Also i will be going to the Alife 1 year LA store Aniv. party. Should be good, just got an email about it, so im hype. Anyone else going?

    I just hope to have a good time. My girl is already out there, i'll be meeting her. Her family live sin the hills across from madonna or something and right under the hollywood sign. So I'm really fucking excited for this!


  2. sorry, don't live there.
    but the trip sounds bad ass, i'm jealous.
  3. yea ill chill with you if you let me in your gf's house...
  4. jsut got back, met no one....had a great time though!

    went to the LA Alife one year party!
  5. sic man
  6. Cups from the alife party, plus the Mountain Dew "green label art"





  7. if u trying to make a day trip to SF

    then i'll meet up with yaz

    but fuck LA

    crappy ass city IMO
  8. I have the purple Alife parachutes, the rest of their shoes are terrible IMO.

    Congrats on the trip to LA though.

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