ill be honest im having a hard time giving up pot permanantly

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  1. I've been having a really, really hard time giving up pot permanantly. I'm not going to get into it because that'll cause arguments, but i've come to the conclusion (on many different occasions) that it would be in my best interest to give up pot for good.

    But I have one fuck of an addictive personality. I'm addicted to junk food, coffee and pot. They all tend to lean on eachother. They all give me a high followed by a crash that causes a craving for the next type of high.

    I know giving up pot for good would be awsome for me long term. I have goals like getting in great shape, eating healthy and stepping up my martial arts training/schoolwork. All of which will be MUCH MUCH easier without pot in my life. I have a plan this winter for getting my health together and the only way to do it is without pot. My pot abuse really shows in my schoolwork, athletic performance and health right now. I'm pretty disgusted with myself. I hate this feeling....

    So I often give it up and push through that rough first week. After two weeks i'm feeling better about myself with little urge to smoke. After a month i'm doing great, but then I start to miss pot...hell I often forget what was so bad about it in the first place!

    pot's got such a hold on me. Man pickin up a bag, sittin in your car listening to music rolling up a jay. Then lighting that shit and taking that first pull, then feeling that high wash over you and watching the smoke roll off the end of the jay and making the car smokey.

    My mind doesnt remember what it feels like to be stuck in the foggy, crappy feeling mindset i get into after smoking. It only thinks about the good parts.

    So I end up smoking with a friend or something, thinking it'll be no big..

    Then I'm instantly back into my old habits smoking daily.

    I have my goals and dreams, but they require alot of hard work and dedication and a clear head. I need to get rid of my desire to smoke, and possibly my desire for junk food and coffee too since they tend to cause highs and lows...

    So how can I stay motivated? I KNOW i have the potential to be really, really happy at the other end of this winter if I stick to my battleplan, but something usually trips me up and I smoke again....

    This sounds stupid but i've beed caught up in this cycle for a year or so now and I need some advice...
  2. Being sober sucks. Stay high my friend.
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    The coincidences of time might be in your favor because today I tried something new that might help you. It might be a weird suggestion, but there's no harm in trying this out:

    Buy some Piracetam from Nootropics Cognitive Enhancers Brain Supplements Smart Drugs Brain Medicine.

    It's $10 for 100grams; which should last you anywhere from 15-50 days, depending on how much you use per day obviously. My friend bought some and I tried a gram and half out today for my exam. Words started flowing out faster than usual. I was able to remember items that I needed to for my test a lot easier; as if the fog that I never noticed was there got cleared up. I always assumed that I lost the memory of what I had to remember when taking tests, but after Piracetam I noticed that our memories are buried so deep down inside that it's hard to find them. But also, it sorta felt like I was rolling when it first hit me. My skin felt really nice and warm when I touched it. Also music has been sounding good all day long (even now, 10 hours later), more three-dimensional than usual. And even though the half-life is four hours, I never noticed a come-down at all.

    So if you do switch over, look at it this way: You won't be consuming any more smoke, which is detrimental to your lungs, teeth, gums, heart, brain, etc. You'll save money. Even though both drugs are good for your brain, I think Piracetam is even better. You might not get that 'stoned' feeling, but your dopamine will still enjoy the Piracetam on the same level or if not more than pot. And it's not that I'm anti-social with pot, but I'm definitely more eager to talk on Piracetam.

    Try it out dood. Worse case scenario you spend $15 ($5 shipping) and end up not liking it, but it's still going to benefit your brain whether or not it replaces weed.

    edit: It also boosted my creativity like pot does, if not more since my spatial skills aren't impaired unlike when I smoke pot.
  4. You clearly have an all-or-nothing complex which has been dwindling for me a long time too. In my schoolwork I think to myself "If I can't do everything at my optimum performance, why bother?".

    You have this outlook on cannabis. I'll tell you what helped me for caffeine however, giving it up. I used to drink probably on average 1-2L of coke a day for a period that I'm unsure of because it was so long. I'm genuinely surprised and glad I didn't get overweight in that period because that would have made it so much harder.

    Anyway, I gave up caffeine almost completely for a year and a half. Sleeping was easier because I wasn't drinking in the afternoon/evening. But then there were those mornings when I needed a pick-up and I wouldn't do it because I was so set in my all or nothing ways.

    Recently I've started drinking caffeine again but on a much lighter scale. I make sure I eat some bread or cereal before I have my coffee in the morning so that it releases over the day slower. Other than that, I don't drink caffeine at all.

    What I'm trying to get at is don't blame weed for all your problems, it's you who couldn't control it, not it controlling you. Once you accept that you have shortcomings when it comes to things you'll realise that it's possible to change yourself and what you do with your life, rather than blaming it on a plant or drug.

    Moderation is key. All-or-nothing will almost always lead to nothing, most things in life require moderation. I quit weed during the football season because I felt it dragged on me when I played after having a session (didn't use vaporisers/edibles). So I stopped for 6-7 months. I felt it did me some good to see what life was without it.

    When the season finished I probably only smoke when I feel the urge, which is probably twice a month, as opposed to my heaviest smoking when it was 3-4 times a week.
  5. Man I smoke every day. And im having the same problems as you with caffiene and marijuana. I have an all or nothing complex as well. My will power is shitty, but im making the proper steps to change things.
  6. My all or nothing complex seems to only be the case with drugs. I'm able to eat unhealthy in moderation, same with caffeine, but not the sweet Ganj. Although I've only tried to not smoke once. I still know it'll be impossible :)

    Good luck OP. Maybe try using this thread as a journal. Sometimes writing down your feelings and shit helps
  7. bury yourself in hobbies, schoolwork, and work and you'll be plenty busy. Any free time you have, where you dont need a top notch reaction type of brain, where all your shits done, and where ya got a second to chill the fuck out.....have a toke.

    Tit works for me!:wave:

  8. Ive been caught up in that cycle before. You need to quit for yourself and you must want to quit. From what ive read you do want to quit, so thats the first step. You just have to keep yourself occupied. Whenever you get a craving for weed or want to smoke, eat an orange. Within a few weeks the cravings will be gone anyways. I havent smoked the herb since July 1st, and since that day i have eaten far less junk food. The 2 are directly related. Just make goals that you have to be sober for you to complete them. My motivation for quitting was getting my dream job, which would bring me in 67k to 140k.

    Friends play a huge roll in your smoking obviously, so talk to them and tell them youre quitting bud. If they cant respect your decision to do that, then they really arent to good of friends now are they? Just keep your goals in mind and you will succeed! goodluck bro!
  9. Everything in moderation.
  10. Learn to smoke and do the things you need to do.
  11. nah smoking is not the answer im on day 3 of not smoking after smoking everday for two years. im already seeing improvments. it is hard tho
  12. Dude I'm in your same shoes brotha.
  13. Damn, I guess I'm lucky to be stuck in the other cycle. I work out, go to school, eat healthy AND smoke weed. I'll tell ya it's a vicious cycle and it's almost scary how I can still smoke weed and function in society. Crazy concept isn't it...
  14. [quote name='"OSU420"']Damn, I guess I'm lucky to be stuck in the other cycle. I work out, go to school, eat healthy AND smoke weed. I'll tell ya it's a vicious cycle and it's almost scary how I can still smoke weed and function in society. Crazy concept isn't it...[/quote]

    Not really its easy to get high and stay productive...right?
  15. Everyone is different. Or didn't you know that? :rolleyes:
  16. Not everyone is the same for sure. A lot of its mental, but we can't help it. Just got to strive to be the best and most successful we can.

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