ILGM Gold Leaf*** Indoor 400w Grow

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    Hey guys, JhalikPain here with a new grow.

    Strain: Gold Leaf***
    60/40 Indica Dominant
    Bank: IGLM
    Media: Fox Farm Strawberry Fields
    Tent: 3x3
    Lights: 400w 10k kelvin MH
    Grow Method: DTW coco/blend
    Nutrients: Emerald Harvest Pro 2 part series
    Rapid Start by General Hydroponics
    Tap Root date: 08/16/2017

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    This strain was so eager to grow, tap root took about a day, sprout took a day, looking forward to seeing how Fox farms strawberry fields pans out. Soil looks and feels amazing.
    New node just started, watered with ph'd water only. I'm noticing that I'm getting fast evaporation. Going to wait till she outgrows her 4" pot to add hydroton to top and bottom of pot. Thinking about dtw for remainder of grow.
    Decided to use Emerald Harvest 2 part series and mixed with aerated ph'd water. Planning to keep with a light feeding schedule every other feeding for another week to see how this product works.
    Transplanted into 1 quart pot. I layered the bottom of the pot with hydroton to help with drainage. I also layered the top of the soil with hydroton to help keep the soil cool and from evaporating the moisture to quickly. I Plan on allowing the plant to over grow the pot to begin the DTW method.
    Topped at the sixth node and watered with EH Sturdy Stalks and GH Rapid Roots supplements. Leaves now have 9blades and plant is branching out
    Did final transplant 2 days ago into a 3gal pot. Today I lst'd and are going to leave plant under light for 24+ hours due to the hurricane knocking out power.
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  4. New photos up

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  5. Hey there, how did that gold leaf turn out? I am in 7th week of flower indoor chronic widow and gold leaf. The chronic can make it another week, but the gold leaf is really amber, and some trichomes are getting milky.

    My question is my bud leaves never turned gold?

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