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IL: Marijuana is more likely to cause cancer than cigarettes

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by CousCous, May 22, 2010.

  1. That girl from the first article has no idea what she's talking about

  2. And the saddest thing is, look at the groups she has volunteered with who could benefit from MMJ. Such as cystic fibrosis....

    Marijuana (Cannabis) and Cystic Fibrosis; A Case Study | Medical Marijuana Blog

    The poor girl seems like a kind, helpful person who has been brainwashed half to death.
  3. I added a comment. Unless she is very unusual, she will be checking several times today to read every comment-(as will the local cops- they like seeing their names in the paper too - as long as it isn't involving them getting busted! :p ) I do hope she takes my challenge- that level of ignorance is such a bummer! :(

    Granny :wave:
  4. This high school chick does not know what she is talking about, not to mention she uses no facts and cites nothing. 500 dollar from a scholarship is not much at all with tuition prices increasing especially in the states so its obvious that its not really prestigious. Also of course she would be backed by the sharrifs dept its thier job to enforce the law so her paper was perfect for them. From the quotes in the article that I read, the girl basically states her uncredible opinion thats it. Like shit if shes going to think she can get away with crap like that in college she is in for a surprise.

    "The only medicinal use for it is to numb pain"- ummmm says who? you? like wth!!

    "Think about what would happen if one were to drive while under the influence of marijuana," Faling said. "A user might hit something or even someone and not even realize that they should stop and see if all is well."- Think about what would happen? how about you cite something that could argue what happens when you drive under the influence of weed. She uses words like "might" which declares nothing concrete. If she actually researched anything she would know that it depends on the person whether they can function normally under the influence, lots of people do this everyday and others don't so she basically makes no sense.

    "Smoke of any kind is not meant to be in the lungs," she wrote. "They were not designed to hold anything but oxygen for an extended amount of time. The smoke from marijuana is even worse than the smoke from cigarettes, as it is more likely to cause cancer."- This just makes me laugh.

    "All in all, the argument to legalize marijuana is a futile attempt so the users will no longer have to face the consequences,"- nice conclusion idiot

    Sorry guys that I'm getting a little heated but I just can't stand ignorance, and the fact that she is being rewarded for her lack of academic integrity. When it comes down to it marijuana causes cancer, because she said so. hahaha. Excuse me but its time to blaze

    *sorry for typos

  5. I thought the final action deadline for SB 1381 was may 28th?
  6. idk. Everyone wins. This chick wins money the police are happy and the legalization movement keeps rolling
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    oh geez... innocent naive high school girl writes about marijuana for the police department... :rolleyes:

    Ever burn your favorite songs on a cd? yes? Well, that's also illegal. I guess that makes us both criminals. Funny thing is, Marijuana is a little more valuable than your burnt taylor swift cds. Unlike marijuana, That cd wont possibly be cutting paychecks in the pharmaceutical industry, DEA's funding, tobacco industry, etc.

    Also, is it illegal for a good reason? Do you know WHY its illegal? look it up.
    it may or may not be political racism. ;)

    ... :facepalm: nice. thanks, this proves to me you have never smoked at all. Did your parents ever say don't knock it until you try it? Well, I understand the hesitation, I use to be just like you until I researched it out of fascination to why its such a taboo subject. Im now a heavy supporter.

    Back to your essay... It doesn't really numb anything. It actually just makes the pain go away. Thats only the icing on the cake. Marijuana is absolutely a miracle. Just to name a couple things, it stimulates creativity, cures depression, cures insomnia, and it also makes you eat... there are many conditions that make simple things like eating very difficult.

    You are right about one thing, there are plenty of other drugs, you got pills of all brands, shapes, and sizes. Most have various side effects, some of these side effects are miserable, completely embarrassing, and addicting.

    also, this isn't a perfect world. doctors make can mistakes. If you mix the wrong pills together or your dosage is off... it can easily kill you. It's happened to ALOT of people.

    Marijuana... has no side effects. It is a proven SAFE alternative for some medical conditions.

    EDIT- to clarify "no side effects" - i'm talking about new users. Not frequent users. Some frequent users have had minor short term memory loss (not erased, it just takes 5 seconds longer to remember what i had for breakfast last thursday) luckly it's is only temporary.

    Exactly why you should NEVER drive when impaired by ANYTHING. sleeping pills, alcohol, bad vision, muscle relaxers, not having breaks, tinted windshields, playing with your phone, eating, doing your makeup, not knowing how to drive, using a gps, using a radio, playing your ILLEGAL cds.... all of these can cause you to hit someone.

    You don't have to smoke it. Vaporize it. There are tons of ways to consume THC.

    so does coffee, redbull, running, roller coasters. How is that even an argument?

    Futile? fighting for our rights and our protection from unfare punishment is FUTILE?! THIS ESSAY is a futile attempt.

    so you volunteered to not do drugs for a week... twice? you call that an accomplishment?

    ..congrats on the $500 "scholarship"
    My classes are a little over 2 grand each.
  8. This^
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    The girl in the first article is what I like to call a well-worded idiot.


    Maybe some of us don't want to take addictive, deadly narcotics for our pain and other problems. Of course she's too dense to realize how or why, since she has virtually no knowledge of drugs or the drug world.

    I guess all it takes to get a scholarship these days is to write an essay full of bullshit, especially if it's concerning drugs. I would point out all the stupid shit in her article but you can all see it for yourselves. Her mentality and misinformation is everything that's wrong with the war on drugs and it's supporters. Every argument they present is just the same tired, stale, idiotic and ancient beliefs from the reefer madness era in the 1930s. It would appear that she, and most of those opposed to drug law reform totally ignore history and how much of a failure alcohol prohibition was.
  10. Just looked it up, and it was extended to May 28th.

    Illinois General Assembly - Bill Status for SB1381

    Not sure where I heard November, but I'm still looking into it. :)

  11. I just realized that's only six more days, really hope Illinois comes through this time :smoke:
  12. Looked at the photo, couldn't make myself keep reading after that.
  13. I tracked her down on facebook (it's not creepy if it's for a good cause!) and sent her a message tearing her essay apart. Hopefully she'll respond, 'cuz I asked so very nicely for her to so. If she does I'll be sure to post it here.
  14. The really sad part about the "educational" system where this girl is? They actually awarded a scholarship based on an anti-MMJ paper she wrote that was backed and validated by...nothing.

    Seriously, had she chosen to write a paper about Vicodin, and spout on and on how it was this massive "drug" that got many of it's users addicted and would "abuse it", and how prolonged use would lead to heart attacks and cancer faster than any other painkiller, she would have probably been called an outright liar. She certainly wouldn't have won an award for her paper.

    Yet, a paper chock full of remarks ranging from questionable proof to outright lies gets awarded a scholarship.

    Education indeed.:rolleyes:
  15. I think it's awesome for her. She took a hard stance for someone in her age group.

    Illinois will be voting on a budget Wednesday. Yes, we still don't know how we're going to spend the money. I expect the MMJ vote to take place also. The State has until the 28th of May to vote on HB 1381.

  16. hahaha darkus keep us posted on that for sure
  17. And she responded.

    May 22 at 11:06pm Report

    First of all, I would like to thank you for putting a downer on my graduation celebration. Really, that is just wonderful.

    And you are right. I should not be writing an article about something that I do not know about. I am not a doctor and don't know enough about the subject to be writing about it.

    However, I was forced to write it because of one of my high school classes. I had to take a stand on the subject, so obviously, I took the one that I was raised with: against legalization of marijuana. I am a very religious girl, and this is what I believe, and not because it was forced on me. This is my own OPINION. I wrote this HIGH SCHOOL PAPER probably in two hours, so I'm sorry if I don't have all my facts straight. I don't usually spend my time sifting through articles about drug use. I am not sure where I found that bit of information about marijuana smoke causing cancer. But I promise you, I didn't make it up. It wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't factual. Like I said, I wrote it in two hours. Didn't have that much time to research.

    Anyway, I am not condoning the use of pharmaceutical drugs, designer drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes anymore than I support the use of marijuana. I don't think people should go out and get drunk, and I DEFINITELY don't think people should smoke. I'm sorry if the phrasing of my words didn't suit your fancy.

    My opinion has not changed. I still think that marijuana should always be illegal, though I do respect your thoughts. I would not change any of my words in that paper either considering I won a SCHOLARSHIP for it. It was not my idea to put it in the paper either. The sheriff did that all on his own.
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    So basically she admitted she basically did absolutely no research and wrote down everything that's been drilled into her head by her parents since childhood. Well, it's good she at least acknowledges that most of her essay is bullshit. I don't know how I hurt her feelers. I was very polite in my first message. I guess she's just fragile. Her trying to guilt trip me at the beginning of the message did give me a laugh. If I "ruined" her graduation celebration I have to say I'm not sorry at all -- it wasn't in my intentions and I used no ad hominem attacks in my message at all. There's no reason for her to be upset other than her realizing how very wrong she is.
  19. did u ask her if she's ever smoked lol

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