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  1. hey all, I've been lurking around on these forums for a while now learning all I can about growing my own medicine, just recently I bought some seeds from Dutchpassion.nl and they arrived soon after. So far I have 2 snowstorm #2 seedlings just popped yesterday and I am currently germinating an auto durban poison, nutrients I will be using are biobizz biobloom, biogrow and top max, I will try my best to keep this journal updated, but we know us stoners. Any way without further adue here are a few pics of my seedlings and the setup

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  2. That was day 1 no nutes as of yet and here is day 2, still small but I'm happy with them

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  3. cool beans.  rem no nutes for a while.  I have a seedling that is a few weeks I believe. and no nutes just water.  and no dome wither most likely

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