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  1. I know that cantharis was the king of container grows here at in the city before he was banned. Not really sure for what, probably something funny. I find myself in dire need of his assistance and would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me locate him.
  2. He must have done something really bad if no one wants to talk about him no more :)
  3. he is prolly on icmag or another real growing forum this is just 50% kids 20% snobs 20% cool tokers and just a handful of growers and a bunch of followers who think they are gods.. growing is not hard what is your question maybe I could answer it altho I am not a god
  4. there's alot more people here who could help you out, although researching threads would help alot too.
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    I heard he also went by the name "spanish fly"

    So you could check that out. Yeah he had some impressive grows.

    No idea what he was banned for.

    And yes, your question probably could be answered on here, but I don't know exactly what it is you need from him :p.

    I might be able to help haha.
  6. I am trying to figure out what size containers i should use. I do not want monster plants, between 5-7 feet tall would be fine, would 20 gallons of soil be enough to achieve this?
  7. absoulutely.
  8. You could achieve this with 10 gl containers. I have grown very nice 5-7 ft plants in 5 gl containers outdoors. The strain will play a major role in the height as well.
  9. I had to bury my 5 gal. homer bucket to keep my plant below a 6' privacy fence.

    I miss Cantharis too, but he'd suggest a 30 US Gallon Smart Pot or something. To grow a good size plant in a pot you should use between a 5 and 10 gallon container.
  10. So its seems like everyone is in agreement that my desired size could be achieved in a 5-10 gallon bucket. Damn that is awesome so much less soil to carry.

    I will most likely be growing a hybrid with or around an equal balance of sativa and indica. I know that how the plants will grow is very dependent on this, sativa = tall, stringy and indica = short, bushy.

    Oldskool why did you recommend a 5-10 gallon bucket and then go on to say that Catharis would recommend a 30 gallon bucket?
  11. Just a hunch...he's a contrary old cuss...plus he spent almost a year extolling the virtues of his newly found smart pots.
  12. Well I'm on board with him those are the most practical containers for a guerrilla grower because of how light and sturdy they are. I will ordering some very soon. Thanks for the help glad to know I have a lot less work ahead of me then I had anticipated
  13. Having been a seeker of (and still seeking) knowledge and appreciative of everything I learned from Catharis, he would say the bigger container is better because the larger the area the roots have to spread out in, the stronger (and bigger) the plant can become. And FrostAie....that's a pretty harsh thing to say. It seems to me that most people on GC are helpful. Every site has its share of kids and asses, but GC seems to be pretty helpful. If its as bad as you say, why are YOU on here??
  14. I miss him, I used to argue with him over who had the stronger sun florida or Spain lol. Im sure he really knew the answer, but his defiance and pride for his homeland came thru everytime lol.

  15. Me too. He did target some people wo did not deserve it, myself included. He was very knwoeldgeable about outdoor growing; one of the very few who on here that had been growing longer than me. He was set in his ways, much like I am when it comes to genetics of strains. One thing was, those of us that had our go arounds with him did know we still held a mutual respect. Which goes a long way in my book; and I pissed him off alot!

    I miss him too, he added a colorful personality to this forum. Sme of his rants were right down hilarious. He did not tolerate ignorance and had little patience for those who would ask very uninformed questions or would ask questions which were answered 100's of times before in other threads. Regardless of our differences, he did know what he was talking abut when it came to outdoor growing.

    I did, and knew it was him after a few post & the pics were posted under that user name. I poked fun at him about having an alter female ego.

    Thank you for the kind words, but I'm just a small time personal grower and hobby breeder. I do my best, but often I'm much like Cantharis when it comes to stupid questions and havng to repaet myself over & over when it can be easily searched.

    So very true, if I could +rep you again I would.

    I agree, why are you here if you feel this way? If you are having a problem, it can be found, you may have to dig through less than knwoledgeable answers, but they are here. Also, some of us may come across as arrogant, but I do not see where anyone sees themself as a God. Maybe you should go back to your "REAL" grow forums and stop bashing those which choose to make this forum the place they want to learn and share.

  16. HIGH All, *LOL* oh trust me patriofarmer he may have thought he was under the Radar...he wasn't. Thanks PF for your Post and you too Less..now maybe we can get on with what we All Love to do.

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