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  1. i dont have a hookah but i have a 4 foot doublechamber bong with a hookah attatchment, my freind has trhe attachment though.
  2. Wow there,

    Hookah tobacco is alot differnt then regular tobacco it doesnt have virtually any nicotine and is just leaves soaked in flavoring thats steamed off it and the tobacco leaves make it burn slow, it's ok every once in awhile and isnt addicting or harsh at all.

    But yeah, I agree that newports and all those other jacks are about as addicting as those nasty drugs.
  3. hookahs are the shit man, they hit very nice!
  4. I made a hooka and i love it. Well i made a few but i just kept one. I'd like to buy a nice one, i will someday.
  5. ^ easy enough to make one better then the over the counter ones

    Made one for a friend and he's hooked on it lol doesn't even like my vap over it

    It came to consist of a large hookah base some clear tubing paper towel (he replaced it with cork later) a bent glass tube for the carb a glass bowl and another small bent glass tube for the clear mouth piece tubing

    What we did was make pakreet (sp? lol) outta some paper frozen we then drilled it to size (3 holes) then shoved the glass pieces in to fit then shoved the slug of frozen paper into some metal tubing that was then heated with a heatgun till it was dry again.

    After this we took the somewhat delicate bit of paper that was compressed an dried an taped the fuck outta the upper part to make it solid

    Rest was just blasted with exhale from us toking till it was fairly strong then tossed in an smoked with some honey hookah stuff to really get in resiny below the tape thats sealing the top to the base

    We ended up needing a few rubberbansd around it to make a nice air tight seal but it worked...

    The bowl turned out to be a small glass bottle (bottom cut off) with a long downstem rubbered to the mouth to get it into the water (think vriptech sort of) the other pieces were stock pyrex thin wall for the mouth piece bit and the carb both of which were just flowered on one end like a downstem an bent with a torch

    He later added a plastic BB with some screen over the top an bottom in the carb tube to make it like a real hookah.

    The ball pulls down into the lower screen sealing it off when you inhale then upon blowing out the stale smoke the ball shoots up to the top screen...works great
  6. wow, ripability of a bong and passability of a bowl... in the latest 'how do you like to smoke' thread, i said bowl solely for the passability. i might need to get stoned and start on some carpentry =)
  7. and cottons, it looks like you had a great time deciding on the poll choices =)
  8. i get it may b cuz im stoned and i imagine sum indian people like haha hookah green bud haha
  9. i gota nice 14'' its green glass green clay bowl (fucking enourmaus bowl about =================== wide and tall and an inch deep and of course a green hose i also took some model paint. I also drew some tripy shit on there and several weed leafs its my pride an joy. One warning keep it fucking clean, clean it after every use
  10. why the fuck do you have a poll?
  11. hookas are nice, once they get going you get thick hoots since theirs no choke to dilute the chamber.if you smoke a bong without pulling the bowl you get the same sorta thick hoots.

    have a fun Hookah green bud party. :hippie:

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