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  1. LOL, what a funny title... But yeah... I picked up a hooka the other day at an Indian smoke shop near my house. Cost me like $30, and came with a cleaning brush, manual/catalog, and a carry case. It's like 18" and is only a 1-hoser, but it RIPS like a bong and goes around like a bowl. I think I've found my new favorite piece :D But anywayz, here's the "kinda funny story" (probably isn't even kinda funny, but oh well).

    When I went to buy it the guy was like "You tell all your friends you got this here" and he was all talking about how I'm gonna have a hooka party and shit. This other guy's like "he's not having a hooka party, he's having a green bud party" then he looks at my friend and is like "and he's all happy 'cause he's invited." I had to make some other purchases - like incense, blunts, lighter, and rolling papers while I was there as well... All in all, a very good weekend :smoke: :smoke:

    So... Who else has a hooka... Or some funny ass story to tell?
  2. i dont get it.. WTF are you talking about? yeah, and i dont have a hookah
  3. LOL, Just telling a story about how I acquired my hooka... There's this little Indian smoke shop near my house, and I bought a hooka there. They had the whole store ROLLIN' because they knew what I was buying it for (as I also picked up incense, blunts, papers, and a lighter). I dunno... I thought it was pretty funny :D 2 guys were talking. The one kept saying I was having a hookah party, and the other was joking about what it was really gonna be used for. They all thought it was hilarious.
  4. hahaha, I see it now. kinda funny. im not high enough. lol, i want a hookah
  5. i dont like hookahs
  6. you have a very strange sense of humour, Cottons..
  7. i want a hookah, i love going into a headshop and everyone there knowing what you are about to do with whatever you bought but you have to talk about it like you arne't so that store won't get in trouble.

    This one time when i was buying my newest spoon, i was also getting a new slide for my bong, and i wanted to get a diffuser, and the damn guy didn't even know what a diffuser was, so needless to say i didn't get a diffuser and i dunno if that was funny buy it was a story
  8. Why not? :confused:

  9. Yeas... Yeas I dooo!!! :D
  10. me and my friends have a pretty big hookah and it sucks cuz we can never light the coals, its a total pain in the ass to get it started, and we've never smoked bud out of it cuz we figured it'd be a waste
  11. I'm thinkin about goin to some headshops tommorow and finding me a hookah and some shisha.

  12. I had a bit of a problem getting it going at first, too... I don't use the charcoals though. I just stick green in it and add fire... Same as a bong... 'Cept with a tube and minus a carb :D

  13. See the second lil thing sticking out? Should be a twisty thing or a screw off cap with some holes.

    Thats the carb...

    Keep it CLEAN dude..those things can get funky fast.

    Also pick up some hookah tobaco...it's actually very smooth after a few tokes. It vaps/steams rater then burn for with the charchol.

    Another tip would be to make a bowl...you really need a bowl for that thing. Try the end of a pop can upsidedown with a hole in the middle and a bowl (I've used a thimble) with a nice screen.

    Enjoy it...but keep it clean cuz it can go rank on you fast.
  14. cottonscottonscottons

    Bong and feathered, you should be!!! I just had to move this from another forum. :p

    Yo...your sense of humor rocks, dude. You kind of tell the story from the inside and I dig that. Still gonna bong and feather your ass, though! :p
  15. i dont really like hookahs that much, if i were you i would of got a nice bong :)
  16. i dont have a hookah , but would like one :)
    hm ill tell you a funny story, its not so ha-ha but its funny, youknow? me and my girl got home pretty much the same time tonight. HAHAHAHHA-no thats not funny. without planning or having said any prior thing-she brough home 2 half gallon arizona green teas home while, I brought 1 one galloon arizona ice tea home!!! HAHAHAAAAAAAAA:D

  17. Dude get a glass hookah if it's for herb...the 20-30 dollar ones kinda suck.

    The tube itself is made of a streched out spring with crappy 80's cloth and string and the rest is fairly nasty tasting brass for the first few goes.

    Hell dude..get a beaker and make yourself a hookah! It's just a beaker + stopper for it + stem + tubing = happy hookah toking

    Try for a filtering flask to avoid cutting 2 holes in the stopper. :)
  18. bongs r sraight but i like smokin outa blunts or j's. Its jus my thing :smoke:

  19. I thought that might be the carb... But it's got a ball bearing in it. What's that for? I used it as a carb a couple times though by just leaving it unscrewed and hitting it like an acrylic bong.

    I've got a bowl for it - it's made from clay. Works fine, but the holes are a little big.

    EDIT: Rummy... My bad... I forgot this forum was here, LOL. You MIGHT actually catch me with that bong and feathering. I've been much too stoned to move lately.

    EDIT AGAIN: I don't smoke tobacco. IMO, it's one of the grossest things that a person can do... To me, that's right up there with smoking crack, or shooting heroin.
  20. Hmmmm my Hookah had a screw off brass cap with 4 tiny holes in it for a carb. It was carbed constantly till I shoved some papertowel in the cap before screwing it down.

    Try the thimble bowl if you do toke outta it...trust me it works nicely. The aluminum soda can bottom is pretty thick and it does suck heat off the thimble bowl fast.

    I'd take a few big buds that'd fit below the bowl piece an used it as a resin chamber...loading a seperate bowl was also easy as hell and the can body typically caught any falling bud.

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