.............. ignore me?????

Discussion in 'General' started by Schrananapuss, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. uh ok what was wrong with that thread?? cause i was just about to post on it before i see that its gone??? did it get moved??

    now I'm confused :D
  2. but l know that l ignored the person in it ,lol :D

    do a search its gotta be here.

    l just did a search of my posts and its not there . The starter of the thread or a mod must have deleted it ?? l,ll check with the other mods.
  3. I'm tha starter ?? :D
  4. I deleted it because it wasn't a conversation thread.. It was just a thread to up post count and BS..

    That is aghainst the rules!
  5. and your BONER thread was no different ^ :D

  6. gotta point there haha

  7. ditto.... wtf??... :D
  8. and i had a bunch of pics in there that i took purely for that thread then i deleted them... now i kinda want that sandal/hack pic that was posted on there....... man now i just went from confused to pissed... I'm genuinely mad that u deleted that post........ and not only that but i have like 20 posts up that arent conversation topics but are simply just me saying, DOH, to something stupid i did durring the day, no replies on it what so ever, not to mention thousands of others... how is that any diffrent???? please tell me Bud Head? :mad:


  9. wait... are you saying that because you've made lots of pointless posts before, that this one should be allowed too?
  10. Some of the threads such as the boner thread was before the rules were refined and the mods were asked to enforce them.. Things change from day to day as to what can or can not be posted..

    As far as your other post.. I haven't seen them and the moderator of that forum may not be here to do their job..

    You have posted very discusting pics that I deleted and I told you to read the rules.. You must not have because it says that the mods decissions are finale...

    They also state you can not post just to be posting.. There are many more rules that you don't care about...

    You are also pissed that SJ turned the e-mail confirmation on and you couldn't get to the city as hobbes because you give a false e-mail...

    You need to read the rules.. We will moderate to those rules.. If you still have a problem with me, PM SJ and ask him to remove my mod status or ban me...

    You have admitted to breaken the rules enough to be banned by the rules.. If you wish. we can accomodate you!

    The choice is yours my friend...

  11. Schrananapuss :D

  12. My advise is to not worry about what other people do and just make sure you do the right thing.

    dr_krapp is our
    "Village Idiot"

    rotflmao :D
  13. yeah only im aloud to wave my penis at traffic, and whats this about threads?
  14. but im seriosly i never read that thread, so i cant compare it to mine, mine tend to have some point, even if its just a kindof joke in the thread. they just sounds strange cos im usuly stoned when i make them.(yup i can get weirder)

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