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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by hippie john, Jun 4, 2003.


Do you use the ignore list?

  1. Yup, cause i dont like some people.

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  2. Nope, i love everyone

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  3. whats an ignore list?

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  1. Does anyone even use the ignore list? I dont, i think everyone deserves a say in everything. but i would ike to see if anyone else does. Like, whos on your ignore list?
  2. I used it long ago. When I first came on the boards, there was a little spam problem in the PM\'s. It\'s been solved though.
  3. or l ban em,lol.:D
  4. i love everyone. except john he scares me

    jk :p
  5. i was only tempted once with that guy stratoman.

    i wouldnt want to close my eyes and ears to what happens in the world....

    i think there might be something about that in one of my 4 signature lines, hehehe.
  6. naw I don\'t use mine.. might if someone spams me or really really bothers me... but for the most part everyone is great..
  7. Nope, I like my heated arguments on these boards. It\'s no fun when you\'re arguing one way :D

    Everyone go to the spirituality and philosophy boards, gets interesting. But of course I respect everyones opinion and think of everyone on these boards as my friends. I\'m just a debater.

  8. never used ignore. i just trust the moderators to weed out the dickheads for me. much easier that way :)

    come to think of it, i don\'t even think i\'ve seen a *single* post that would want me to put the writer of it on an ignorelist on this board. guess the mods are effective too, hehe[thanks mate,lol :D]
  9. yeah, same here. the weird thing is like ak47 and stargazer show up as being on my ignore list, is this cause they\'re banned? has this happened to anyone else?
  10. yeah, probably
  11. yeah, i think i remember asking a mod about it some time long ago.
  12. If some one shows up on your ignore list that you didn\'t put there, They have been banned..

    Unless critter has been on the loose again. then only he can tell you!
  13. i have however considered briefly to retract my previous statement \'bout not seeing a post that did not want me to put up an ignore. i\'m pretty shure though that the guilty party will wizen up as he gets used to the city tone of argument.
  14. I haven\'t put anybody on mine. I like to see what everyone has to say. Nobody has really offended me.
  15. looks like i\'m the only one. i do, only to one person, cause i dont care what he has to say, all the posts he\'s made are just bashing on other peoples opinions.
  16. Really old post. It got bumped because someone voted in it.
  17. LOL, don\'t feel bad girly...it took me quite awhile to figure it out as well. Months if I remember right. :D Nice to see you! :wave:
  18. I didn\'t even know there was an ignore list...but if i did i wouldnt use it because..idk i wouldnt want people ignoring me :p

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