ignorant stupid growers.. read

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by I_Want_To_Grow, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. i dont know if u guys have ran across any but in my town there are TONS of dumb ass growers. i have had at least 5 people tell me that growing in black lights is the best and they gaurentee it works and i am wrong for saying it wont work.lol. another... theres a belief around here that growing a plant next to say... a blueberry plant that they will "cross breed" and u get blueberry weed. this was tested and worked according to this one guy who had it supposedly.sigh what a dumb ass.another... this guy said his friend tried the purple haze growing technique where u have to turn ur lights off for 20 mins. then back on for 15 then off for 30 then on for 20 or some stupid shit like that.lol. these people are so ignorant and think i am the dumb one when i correct them and tell them how stupid that shit is..oh.. and no one around here wants to buy nice 100 dollar lights they get lil 30 w lamps from the grocery store and shit.lol they justr wont listen to me
  2. Some people just like to make up things to sound cool. People are like that everywhere. Just keep doing what you know works, and don't listen to anyone else.
  3. people are dumb untill proven....not dumb

    i do sypathise with people about light, they are to fuckin expencive
  4. no just go kick one off a building that is how i got 2 400 watt mh
  5. I've heard some pretty far fetched stuff too, usually from people who have never grown a plant in thier lives. Just ignore the dumb shit, it seems to work for me.
  6. Like others have already said, Ebay really is a great place to get a light. I recently got myself a 400w HPS w/ two bulbs: a HPS and a MH conversion bulb for $244.00 shipped.
  7. damn nice price.. i gotta check that place out. i also figured out u can get sunshine mix #4 on the net so if anyone is looking for kill soil then go to yahoo and type it in like i did. i dont remember the URL
  8. are people still debating over those god damn black lights? it thought that ended a long time ago:(
  9. black lights are for trripen not for growin
  10. haha growing with black lights :D that's so funny
  11. My cusin tryed growing with a black light, then a bunch of colored bulb like the ones at wal mart that are 4 buck. He said he alctulay grew something with a black light but this is the same guy who puts honey on his loints when he smokes them. dam that shit is nasty. although a little bit tastes ok. He also tryed to use soda as his firtilizer. then vodka.

  12. i think there called crackheads ;)
  13. Naaaa he's not a crack head he just drunk. I'm soposed to get a 30 bag from him some time the cheap mother fucker. Our dealer got locker up. now we got to grow on our own.
  14. yea some people say anything for conversation. I was talking to a stoner kid in school and i mentioned growing. He said yea #%$& grew in his closet. I said what kid of light? His response "he used a blacklight", I said you cant grow with a blacklight you shure it wasnt a HPS, MH, CF or, floro? "Uhhhhh.." :p "PEACE"!
  15. i like talkin to stupid liers too, the make me laugh
  16. It is impossible to grow with a blacklight,it doesn't give off the proper spectrum the plants need for photosynthesis.After you harvest compare your 1 or 2 oz. per plant with what your blacklight growers yield per plant. The only way they get anything is not because of the blacklight but due to some form of supplemental light.I guarantee you 10 times as much as your dumb friends!!! PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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