Ignorant parents

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  1. Holy fuck, my parents are so ignorant and narrow minded. They think that marijuana makes you hallucinate, sexual, and violent. Apparently, the only reason it's illegal is because the government 'wants the best for us'. They're not even willing to educate themselves about marijuana, all they know is the bullshit thats fed to them by the government. I told them that there's been 0 deaths in the thousands of years marijuana has been smoked and they called bullshit and said there's 100k+ deaths directly from inhaling marijuana..

    I urged them to watch The Union, but they're not willing to. They suspect it's just some bullshit made by stupid stoners.. and they think that marijuana users are all dumb fucking hobos and that marijuana paves a 'your future is a fucking fail' path for anyone willing to use it..
  2. This is too funny.

  3. My mom is the same way, and after years of frustration I just realized that some people are too stubborn to ever change their views. I actually got her to watch The Union, and as I pointed out the sources (Harvard med professors, scientists, mayors, etc.) she said "oh they're all just potheads".

    So my advice to you is just keep your smoking on the DL and don't stress about it. Move out on your own when you can so you don't have to deal with the paranoia.

  4. Totally agreed, my parents are just too stubborn to accept the truth.

    Good thing I'm moving out in 3 months, :)
  5. president of california has tryed it fucking most people in power and the world have jesus christ.
    The only reason it's illigal is because the goverment cant profit from it because it's to easy to grow i wanna bitch slap your parents. :cool:
  6. aight, this is how you do this...
    1. Buy about 2 grams of dank
    2. face it all at once
    3. hang out with them baked out of your mind and see if they notice the difference
    4. then laugh at them and move the fuck out. lol
  7. Its all true! Marry e wanna is the devil! You should all be ashamed of yourselves!
  8. Make brownies.

    You know what I mean.
  9. You should buy a Half O, of some really dank bud. Make some good chocolate brownie edibles, and then next morning be like Here Mom and Dad, I made special brownies for you guys, to show how much I love you .

    They're going to get so stoned, then bring up the subject :).

  10. Holy shit, amazing idea, no kidding. :smoke:
  11. It always urks me when I see a thread like this.

    You know how to rectify the situation?

    Ready for it?



  12. Some people have financial problems, take that into consideration.
    And as I stated, I'm moving out in 3 months.
  13. I haven't had the balls to talk to my parents about weed.

    Hell, I've had more talks about methamphetamine than weed with them.
  14. Well, if they read some of the postings on this site I could understand why they would think that way. :hello:
  15. I'm not being hostile in any way, just pointing out the truth. I'm sorry if adding the eff word to a sentence makes me seem violent. ;)
  16. A swift kick to the vag and pen shall convince them otherwise.
  17. I keep the fact that i smoke hidden from my parents so I never have to hear shit like this from them. Im pretty sure my dad smokes weed but I dont think ill ever confront him about it until im older. Hope he blazes with me one day. Be even better if I could get my mom to but I know that she would never.
  18. Haha. Those three things are like the exact opposite of what happens when I'm stoned.
  19. do what i did. When i was in grade 9 i bought an ounce, and had some left overs. I made my parents some brownies, left them on the table and went to go chill with some friends. I come home, all 5 brownies are gone and my parents are watching seinfeld laughing their asses off. They no longer care about my bud use as long as its not at the house XD
  20. My parents are the same way. I'm jus t very cautious when I smoke so they don't know. On top of that, I continuously push their buttons with marijuana humor and when my mom complains about her tendinitis I tell her to dump her pills and hit a joint.

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