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Discussion in 'General' started by herojuana, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. a friend of mine, who is a ocasional smoker, says that a person who is big on weed 'pot head'. will evantualy move onto stronger drugs such as crack. he said its almost for sure. i tell him this isnt the case at all, but he wont beleive me i think it has somthing to do with his sister who used to be a major addict. anyway i know many people on this forum might want to differ with what my buddy has to say, so please post so i can show him this isnt the case at all.
    thanks in advance
  2. bwahaha.. "if you smoke weed you WILL become a crackhead" is more ridiculous than all the anti weed commercials put together. your friend really doesn't know what he's talking about. i know 40-100 potheads, none of em smoke crack. i know 2 crackheads, they don't smoke pot. actually, they don't have the money to smoke pot if they wanted to.
    what is there to say other than your friend is obviously running his mouth without any proof.
    sure someone that smokes pot my happen to smoke crack some day and be a crackhead, but people that smoke crack in the first place aren't the brightest people..
  3. I know someone that smoked pot to help them end their coke habit. I also know a few dozen pot heads and none of them smoke crack as far as I can tell.
  4. just do a search for "gateway" and you should be able to find a few dozen threads about the gateway theory and what bullshit it is.

    however, it's really suprising to see that this is one piece of propaganda that has managed to stick. alot of people actually believe it. even in the face of the sucess of over 20 years of legalised weed in holland, there are still some americans who actually believe the complete opposite of what the figures sugest.

    seriously... do a search, i've had to defend this point so many times.

    the gateway theory ONLY exists as a product of prohibition. its not cannabis to blaim, its the laws.
  5. Ok, I'll admit, I've done crack once...and only once! That was a year and a half ago, and I have never had the urge to do it again. But if smoking crack once makes you a crackhead, then I guess your friend is right. :rolleyes:
  6. well i've been smoking for over a year the thought hasnt really entered my head, because weed and hash is availble, why try anything else? that could be addictive amd u end up blowing all your money on

  7. Honestly, I thought the high I got from smoking weed was better. And crack doesn't last long enough for me to make it worthwhile.
  8. thanks! hes comming over here in a lil il show him, i dont blame the guy. his sister used to be doin everything and used to be a major addict, and she told him she started out on pot, people got it all wrong coke junkies and crack heads there first drug was weed cuz its the lightest and most avalible. you cant condem som1 and say if you smoke pot you will end up doin stronger drugs, anybody in the right mind should defantly stay away from addictive drugs, its just killing urself slowly. it realy is tickin me off that pot is so looked down on, do people not know that they take sevral drugs every day. if weed is ilegal, so should coffe and products with caffiene, hell caffine is actually addictive, weed isnt. people take pills to get better do they not know poping a advil is a drug, thats what drugs do they have affects on your brain and your body. how many perscreption drugs are there, millions! the world is now based on drugs! and if i cant smoke pot, a all natural drug that comes from the ground, a gift from god, and old men can take vigra and have blood surge to there penis's, hell shoot me now. im sick of the bull crap! can i get an amen!
  9. these are in his words:

    do u think pot leads to other drugs? i know sevral people who started by smoking pot and told themslefs theyd never touch any other drugs and before they knew it were doion hard core drugs. like my older sister recently got off coke and started off by smoking pot. she was doin coke for 13 years, and in the beginin she only told herself shed smoke pot once awhile. the majority of the people that i know that are on hard core drugs, started off by telling themselfs they would only smoke pot, do u agree that the majority of people who smoke pot often (everyday or so) sooner or later will move onto bigger drugs? dont get me wrong i lov pot but i jsut want my freind to know that he shouldnt think that it doesnt lead to other drugs. the majority of pot heads will evantually expreiment with other stronger drugs.

  10. No offense, but then those people are weak. Not only have I tried crack, but I've also done herion twice (in the same week as the crack)...before I did it I told myself I would only do it once (I ended up doing it twice because I didn't feel anything the first time, believe whatever you want)...and I did only do it that one day...never done it again, never even wanted to again. I learned my lesson after being sick as hell the next two days. Never again.

    Those people would probably have ended up doing harder drugs whether or not they started with pot.
  11. I can't see how anyone could smoke crack on purpose. Are people like, hmmm I wanna feel like those crack-head bums on the side of the road?? Or heroin, WTF is the deal with that shit. It carries such a negative stigma that those who do it must be clinically...

    So yea, anyway.... weed dosn't make you do any harder drugs. If you notice the only time people do hard drugs for the first time its b/c people they know are doing it. Thats how the cycle works.
  12. so you think the word drug should be changed, i was only mentioning a few things, i dought im preachin to the wrong crowd
  13. what r u sayin, i know how u feel about not knockin it if u havnt treid it, but why would som1 want to put anything chemically addictive in there body, even if u only plan on tryin it once, do u not think its not healthy. momentry feelings, longtime problems.

  14. That was my whole reason for doing crack and heroin...I wanted to see what it was like. So I did, lucky for me I didn't like them enough to want to continue doing them...so I got that monkey off my back. And I'm completely fine today. However, some people are not so lucky. I know if you're not careful you can die the first time on heroin...I'm not saying anyone should go out and try it, but I'm glad I did. Now I can say I know what it's like.

  15. Please, I have enough second hand info with hard drugs(i know people that have done a lot) that I believe I am more experienced than poeple who have only done the drug once.

    Why can't I knock a drug if I havn't tried it? Trying a drug only gives you an idea of it's behavioral effects. You can't tell what shit it's doing to you inside your body just from trying it. If you research a drug, or if you have second hand info on it, you can knock it.

    Also, doing a drug out of your own curiosity doesn't add any responsibility to the occation. it might just take a little away since you got one less excuse.

  16. That's like saying you know what it's like to quit smoking having never touched them in your life because of a few friends who told you how hard it is. You can't be more experienced if you haven't even experienced it! Do you realize how silly that sounds?
  17. yea im stoned to, its realy hard to understand whats goin on, il read it all later and be like oh yeah, ok. latly i have been havin not so fun highs, i geuss its all about location and time. not to change the subject, but if im takin hits from a pipe and tasten the gas from the lighter isnt that realy harmful. and i jsut cont with the hits.
  18. pot is NOT a gateway drug.. its just not.. pot is a drug, and sometimes if people get burnt out and are barley getting the feeling they want and dont want to take a break might cause them to try other drugs, for me im thinking about experimenting simpley for the fact that its out there.. my brother had been doing drugs since i can remember and he had tried every drug under the sun, but when i ask him about it, he says he always ends up going back to pot... for me i just want to see the different kinds of feelings that are out there, nothing to hardcore and i wont do anything with a needle.. and i research everything i come near to doing, weather it be erowid.com or people that have tried it, the world is full of things, peoples minds want to get information and what better way to get it other than trying?
  19. o, btw that was posta be erowid.org

  20. Bad example, I have smoked 10's of thousands of cigarette's in my life and I quit cold turkey, wasn't very hard at all. I even got my id infested friend to quit for 7 months, which is amazing if you knew this guy.

    Yea so anyway, I know a lot more about crack than my friend who has smoked it a shit load of times. All he knows is that he needs more...

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