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  1. Me and my good friend go downtown with the intention of blazing, but couldn't find any bud.

    We end up playing Rock Band for a bit, waiting for bud.

    We end up *not* getting any bud, so we go to Tim Hortons for an iced capp, since its bloody hot out.

    I realize I forgot my MP3 player at the game zone where we played RB.

    We go back, its fucking gone.

    The worse part? I know the worker there, the worker knows me, and she went and packed up the RB stuff after me and my friend leave, and I knew I left my mp3 player on the couch there, and the RB stuff was ALL on the couch WITH my mp3 player, yet she didn't have the time to pick it up and hold on to it until I got there, I know the girl who stole it, so now the little bitch or her punk bitch wannabe gangster friends have MY mp3 player.

    I didn't fucking pay $100 just so THEY could steal it, christ.

    Practically brand new too.

    Kids these days.
  2. Multiple cans of whoopass are about to be opened here I hope.
  3. Go get some of your own girl friends and ask them to help you get it back.

    Its kinda your fault for forgetting it though...

  4. [​IMG]
  5. Lets be honest here, you left it there, they didnt jump you and steal it. Sometimes you gotta write off your mistakes. Would you be pissed if you dropped ur wallet on the ground and someone picked it up? Only person you can be mad at is yourself.
  6. Just go take it back, or become friends with the meanest girl you know.

    I know 2 girls that can beat almost any bitches ass around here, and am pretty cool with them.
  7. Yes, but the thing I'm pissed about is the girl that works there didn't have the decency to grab and and hold it if she knew it was mine.

    The girl that works there and the little bitch who grabbed it are two different people, so fuck you.
  8. idk man, from your story i'd say that it was your fault, after all you're the one who left it there. But come on look at it from the workers point of view. If you were just at work, having a shitty old time, and suddenly come across a brand new mp3 player.... idk, i'd probably take it.

    ignorance? i dont think so... dishonesty? yeah.... but who isnt these days?
  9. yeah, mark that correction. she didn't steal it. she didn't turn it in, but she also didn't steal it. no need to go whooping ass, just ask for it back. show her some proof it was yours and throw her like $20 for her troubles.
  10. Shitty day at work? she works at a fucking game zone, she has everything but a shitty time, she even comes and plays rock band with us for fuck sakes.

    Besides, it wasnt the WORKER who stole it, some little ghetto bitch that hangs out on weekdays getting smashed.

    WHAT BOTHERS ME is the fact that the worker, who is pretty much my friend, didn't grab it. she knew it was mine, we just got done playing rockband, but no, she doesnt fucking grab it.

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