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  1. What the hell is it?
  2. ignorance is...support for universal health care.
  3. lack of knowledge. knowledge is power. experience is even better.
  4. ...is when you refuse to understand your own mistakes and learn from them.
  5. Ignorance is hell. Without knowledge how can you truly enjoy life? It seems to me that if you live your life day to day and just think about what's right in front of you you're not going to get anywhere.

    Ignorance is also the fuel that the U.S. government pours into the drug war machine.
  6. i think it depends what youre ignorant of and if you would even want to know whatever it is.

    I said "bliss" because at times its not worth knowing and if you do know you may regret it or just happy with your life without ever learned it.

    but maybe its something less complicated and you just lack knowledge.
  7. How about this: how about ignorance in the sense of immune to cultural or "celebrity" knowledge? Bane or boon?
  8. more like believing that it can work
  9. fuck the dumb
  10. Before they out fuck the rest of us.
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  11. The government, and those poor fools that eat up all the trash it spreads like it's infallible, universal truth.

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