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Ignorance Causes The BuzzKill!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Nexis, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. ok, so a little background info. It was my friends bday the other day so she called me up to see if i wanted to go to our local headshop. I accept and end up back at her house where we hotbox her car and head over to my house (i had to pick up my phone from my house then we were going to go downtown.)

    Low and behold there is a brand spankin new black fully loaded mazda3 in my driveway. So we pull up im stoned as fuck, and my old best friend, who became a bible-pounding, ignorant piece of shit starts telling me how his parents bought him this for graduating and yaddayaddayadda... you know.. then hes stops and is like "You need to stop smoking man. Its bad for you." So then he spins me into this guilt trip. I was VERY nice and congratulative to him when i saw his car. I asked him what he was gonna do with it, etc. Not one mean word came out of my mouth but now im the bad guy because i smoked some green. So his bible-thumping friend gets out of the car and starts lecturing me about how his cousin was quote unquote "On every drug except for heroine and he left a club and got into a car accident and almost died."

    I wanted to say "Good thing im not a fuckup like your cousin then, huh?" But i didn't and took the diplomatic and appropriate approach as i usually do and said "Sorry to hear that. Peace!" This motherfucker didnt wouldnt even shake my hand goodbye so i said fuck it and walked inside.

    HOW IGNORANT OF THEM! Look bro, im sorry your cousin got fucked up from a car accident, but he knew the risks of doing other drugs and driving, dont spin it around like its MJ's fault. Now im not saying drive while you're faded... im just saying, do some fucking research before you try to lecture me, proffesor.

    So my buzz was totally killed but brought back up when we smoked downtown and had a good night for the rest of the night.

    Moving on, i play a game called starwars galaxies. I was bored on the forums so i decided to look up "marijuana" and i see a post that says "Happy420!" so automatically i thought i would go in and get a laugh from the thread. Nope! Just more ignorant people bitching about a plant because they got molested by their camp counselors when they were kids ;).

    so i go to the 2nd page and i see this post...

    "IMPJA wrote:
    let me tell you all a nice little story.

    2 Years ago I had a friend, who did drugs, drunk, you know all the out of control crap kids do right. Well, one night he got in a fight with his mom, he was high and had some alcohol in him. He took her car keys (was a ranger/jeep sorta, hard top) and left. No-one knew where he was for 2 weeks. 2 weeks later a kid, 7 years old, finds a car in a ravine near the house (was about a 20 foot deep 1) upside down, and since the car was green, you couldn't really see it from the road. Well, my friend was dead and had been for 2 weeks, he was bloated and slimy.

    He learned a harsh leason from doing pot, and it cost him his life."

    My response :

    "Ok.... so POT is bad, but he also had some alcohol in him? Your friend was driving under the influence of alcohol yet you made it seem like his death was solely because of marijuana. I feel bad for you. Why? Because you are a victim to propaganda. But its okay, bro. You can still right your wrong. Educate yourself.

    Pot has been around and used as a medicine for a long, long while... Longer than our parents were alive, longer than our parent's parents and their parents... It grows.. in the wild! I would consider it a miracle drug which can help many people in many different ways.

    Karen has cancer and has lost her appetite. Isnt it completely rediculous that she can't go burn one off in the backyard and have an appetite? Well all know you need food to survive and be healthy!!!

    Charles has severe depression and social anxiety. What a shame he can't puff on some green and feel better about himself and his life.

    It seems the only people here bashing on marijuana are the ones who have never tried it. Let me say this... When trying to tell a pothead a story to teach them a lesson, you shouldn't add that they were on other substances(such as alcohol). It just makes you look ignorant and invalidates your argument"

    Ahh i hate people who don't take the time to educate themselves on such a controversial subject. Please forgive my spelling as i was in a rush to write this, i hope my GC brethren can all agree with me when i say that "Ignorant BuzzKillaz Get Fucked! ":p:p:p

    With love from palm beach, florida,
    your boy,
    Nexis <3
  2. I feel you man, I hate that kind of shit also...such a buzz kill. I totally agree with you on everything you posted, worded well :). Some people just need some sense knocked into them. Rep+

    edit: did you two end up picking up something nice over at the headshop?
  3. thanks bro! and nah, im getting a sherlock bubb next wk though! :)
  4. Yeah, it pisses me off too, I have a friend just like that, except for the bible part. Its surprising, he's really laid back and we see eye to eye on almost every other topic, but he is so against smoking its not even funny. What pisses me off any more is that another friend is all secretive about it "Dont tell him I smoke man, I dont want him mad at me" like their going out or something.
  5. ya, its pretty lame when your peers start trying to act like your parents :mad:
  6. Yeah i had a friend like that and he wouldnt come to terms with me smoking and he was my best friend at the time and i said fuck it if your gonna be on nuts for smoking then i dont want anything to do with you. He just based his biases on absoloutley nothing. The people who bitch about it the most have never even tried it. My dad tried it once and he said he didn't like it but he is pro-marijuana law reform. People just don't know about the truth because they accept the side of the story fueled by false propaganda without even thinking that there might be another side to the story. They just accept propaganda as truth because the government tells them its the truth. Sorry to go and rant but i totally agree with you man.
    Damn now im all pumped up, i gotta go smoke a blunt.
  7. You rep'd the smoking community well.
  8. thanks bro :)
    i try.
  9. W!t!f! @ The Camp Bullshit!?

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