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Discussion in 'General' started by racoonsuit, May 12, 2006.

  1. ok, i just watched fear and loathing in las vegas and now i wanna try lsd. is it worth it? i've read that it changes you for the rest of your life. is that true? was it for the better? i've done nothing but weed and booze and i know this is a lot different.
  2. acid is fun. it's worth it. did not change my life. good times on acid though
  3. Worth it, just make sure you have a sitter.

  4. I say go for it, I like acid but ill probally never do it again, my last bad trip really turned me off it hehe. it hasnt changed me though, shrooms did a little.
  5. do it up man ull love
  6. dude you need to go through a few experiemntal doses with acid before you go for a life changing experience.

    Ive had two, but if i had jumped right in there i would have lost my mind.
  7. i dont understand what you're telling me. experiment with acid before i take it?
  8. no i mean go with low doses at first and just have fun. i just saw the words lifechanging experience in your first post, and was letting you know that you have to work up to that.
  9. whatever you do, DO NOT THINK NEGATIVELY! Once you do that its all downhill from there you just need to think positively the whole time and start with low doses!
  10. everyone warns you with "think posative think posative".but you wont have to reallyworry about it. being happy on acid isnt hard.
  11. I say it's up to you.

    Don't base a trip around Fear & Lothing, as then it loses the authenticity of it somehow. Be yourself, think for yourself and the decision you make will be the correct one.

    If you do go for it, then my advice would be to not go for a Mushie trip first time, I did it with some friends and as good as it was, the comedown was way to harsh..

    Just remember; What goes up will come down! The higher you get the bigger the fall.
  12. I've taken acid about 18 times, its crazy.

    Unfortunatly its not around right now, was going to get some a while ago but the kid robbed me for a whole $30. Seriously fuck oxycontin, no, fuck people who get addicted.

    Stealing $30 to get jammed, I mean c'mon, go steal a TV from Best Buy or something.
  13. LSD is the most amazing drug on earth. Well... other than DMT. But that's a whole nother story, not only could you probably not get it but I wouldn't recommend you take it for a long ass time.

    Don't base your wants as far as drugs are concerned off of movies. Ever. Unless erowid makes a movie someday.

    LSD has changed my life forever, I'll admit it. It might not right away, but LSD is a journey. If you want to try it once, try it more than once. Because trying acid consists of tripping many many times till you've really tried it. You might trip once, but you're only scratching the surface then. It goes on.

    If you would like to talk about LSD (or any other hallucinogenic) IM me at HomeGrownPride7 via AIM...

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