If You've Ever Bred Your Bud...expierienced Only!!plz

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  1. i understand that i need to take pollen from a male and breed it back into its sister to get a pure breed...now this ensures the the strain is going to grow uniform n generally put off the same growth pattern NOT making "femenized seed"correct?

    to get a femenized seed you would have to now breed another pure breed plant to that 1st pure breed??
    i've aquired an "indoor bible" and it doesnt cover fem seed..... a little insight pleease...:smoke: thanx...
  2. I'm not sure if that would breed a femmed seed. The easiest way to breed femmed seeds is to take a female clone and hermie her.
  3. up4anything ---- thanx ..... i'll have 100% female beans? thanxs again:bongin:
  4. well, yeah, in theory. If you take a female and turn her hermie, then you are effectively breeding a female with herself. Any seeds she produces will be female (except for the odd mutation). The only drawback is that the seeds may have a higher chance of becoming hermie if stressed.
  5. Hmm, I didn't know that's how feminized seeds were made. Interesting.
  6. I don't know that it is. But that's how I do it.
  7. O.K so that were all on the same page ....
    if i've got female growing... sexed female .. been blooming for say 5 weeks
    stress her out til it puts out male flowers and pollinates the female flowers.
    the pollinated female flower will now develope seed pods containing a large% of female beans ....but must expect some degree of fluxuation in sex because of the stress given to make the male flower ...... is the stress effecting the female flower or the production of the male pollen?

    if i collected pollen from the forced herm and introduced it to an undisturbed female would i increase the chances of having full femenized pure breed F1 strain?:smoking:
  8. if you have male pollen and use it on his sister youve established a "pure breed" plant yes-only after you establish 2 pure strains should you evev play with it...... but if you have that all in place you should stress a female to herm and collect the pollen to be distributed to a healthy undisturbed female ..... the stress from the hermed plant is what makes the final out come so indeciseive .... that stress has never been introduced to the now pollinated established female should produce 100% femenized seeds ..... you pickin up what im puttin down??:rolleyes:
  9. exactly. don't do it to the one 5 weeks into flower. Clone that lady and light stress her until she hermies. Then pollinate another of the same (cloned?) females.
  10. HIGH All, shit and I try to get rid of any Hermie's I see....me I have no use for them. Just remember when playing with them it'll be hard to have a good breed of mj close to any of them...chances are good you could lose the good breed by Hermie pollen Flying around...just something to think about.

    I love finding great males in my seeds...breed that with a great Female and well I'm sure you know.

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