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If you've ever been curious if an "oil change" works I'll have your awnser tomorrow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kebs13, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. We'll I've been on parole 9 months. They haven't hit me with a random...until today. See I've been smoking exteremely heavily for 8, detox can clean me in 24 hrs. .luckily we have the oil change. If you're not familiar it's a procedure where via catheter you drain the bladder and refill with clean urine...crazy yes...but I'm desperate. The human body produces 1oz of urine every hour. The adult bladder can hold 16 oz comfortably. So to avoid any of my own dirty piss contaminating my clean "piss" I'll be pumping in 14 oz of distilled water (with a little color added) into my bladder. I will be doing this procedure in a gas station bathroom directly next to parole so my test will be taken within 30 min of my oil change anything that does get in will obviously be heavily diluted. Now obviously not smoking would have been smart and I plan to quit since I only have 15 months left till I'm off for good (unless this whole oil change thing isn't to painful). Any disbelievers I will refer to this (probably the inspiration for blue mountain state). So anyone who's ever been curious. Check back tmr!!

    “Oil Changes” Put Athletes’ Health At Risk
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  2. Good luck sir
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  3. I am eagerly awaiting the results of this, I am amazed someone is going to try this. Thirsty? Grab a Mojito. Horny? Grab a Sloot!

    Best of luck Thad.
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  4. fucking worked. It was SUOER uncomfortable and I farted out of my dick from the air going in...but I passed. Def not worth being a regular method but for quick fixes it works
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  5. Well at least it worked XD
  6. Fuck me... I'd rather stop smoking than put anything up my dick hole!
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  7. Wow....The hero we all needed.

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