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Discussion in 'General' started by Perpetual Burn, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. It seems like Ron Paul has a lot of support from members here on the City, aswell as throughout the internet and across the nation. He's got much more cross-party support than it seems any candidate in modern history has...

    Which brings me to my point. If you plan on voting for Ron Paul, and you really want to ensure you have done all you possibly can as an "average" citizen to get Dr. Ron Paul elected... then you must register as a Republican!

    The only way he is going to win the nomination is if he gets support from the Republican party and gets votes in the Republican Primaries. Now, as of late Ron Paul only has approximately 2% National support in the GOP. Yet, he gets over 30% on most internet polls and has received similar results in every "Debate" he has been in. This is because Dr. Paul is getting a lot of Democratic, Constitutionalist, Green, and especially Libertarian support...

    We need all these people to register as Republicans so they can get their voice heard in the primaries and possibly get Congressman Paul the nomination. The Republican party doesn't have a unanimous leader yet; it still very much a race between Giuliani, Romney, McCain, and Thompson. We could very well sneak Ron Paul through the primaries in which case he would get GOP support and then landslide Obama or Clinton the official election.

    Here is a sweet article to help people spread this information.


    So, if you want to register Republican: I believe it can be done right here, though I have not tried it, it looks legit.

    Or of course go down to your local DMV and make sure you get it done. It's the only way to get Ron Paul into Office.

    Ron Paul in '08!

    But if not, we must know that everything we love about Ron Paul is because of his libertarian values... so, it only stands to great reason to check out Steve Kubby, the likely Libertarian Party Nominee, for president in '08 aswell, because he will actually be on the ballot.

  2. I would rep you if I could. There is some good info there, everyone become a Republican! :)
  3. Well...wait...don't you have to register Republican to vote for the Republican primary?

    If that's what you mean, yeah, if you want him to get elected, he is a republican so you'd have to vote for him in the republican primary, as well as a whole fuckload of other republicans...

    basically what this means is that, Ron Paul does not have a very good shot at getting the Republican nomination. He should have ran lib or independent if he wanted to be on the presidential ballot ;) Either way, he's pretty much screwed :( bc of the system
  4. Yeah, the only way to vote in the Republican Primaries is to be a registered Republican.

    I think Ron Paul made a very wise long-term political decision by running as a Republican. At least this way, he can get his voice heard on the public stage during the debates. Hopefully, this can inspire Republicans to convert back to real Republican beliefs rather than this socialist war mongering.

    The Politicians will adapt to fit the majority... libertarians must become the majority. Then Republicans will adapt to become libertarians. We still elect our leaders, we've just got to get out of the "brainwash." We need to stop believing everything they've got to say once elected.

    "Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism."
    -Thomas Jefferson

    That, to me, is to mean that it is not nihilistic to question authority, but rather duty.
  5. So, do you guys think Ron Paul should/will run as Libertarian if he loses the Primaries?
  6. i hope so, hes got my vote if he runs...i prob wont vote if he doesnt bc i dont want any of the others to be in office
  7. This is a good idea. Thanks for bringing this up Perpetual Burn. :)
  8. From my understanding, yes, you DO have to register as a member of the Republican Party to vote in the Republican primaries. HOWEVER, once registered, many people often switch affiliations quite frequently. The only reason some don't is the paperwork involved in the process.

    So, in theory, you COULD register Republican, vote for Ron Paul in the primaries, then switch back to your originally registered affiliation.

    Seems a bit roundabout, but effective, nonetheless.
  9. who is the clear democrat leader? why doesnt everyone register as a democrat and vote for him, that way we dont have ron paul running against someone who is not fit to be a president.
  10. same here,,, rep. if i could,,,, good info. there p. burn.......

    im a registered republican,,,, the man has my vote... i ''WILL'' be there to throw my vote for him in the hat....

    it would be nice to see him get it,,,, the media ''downplays'' him a lot,,,

    to the point of not even mentioning his name,,,,

    the dude is on board for the fair tax. doctrine,,, decriminalizing drugs,, and a lot of other good issues,,,

    be our luck,,, he will get voted in and then assasinated,,, by ''OUR'' government. [​IMG] :cool:
  11. I've been a registered republican since the day I turned 18, actually before that, I signed up early at my high school. I do believe in some conservative ideas, so that's why I signed up as one.

    And he's right because I tried to vote in a Democrat thing and I was turned away because I was in the wrong party, but at least I try to over vote, and don't vote at all lol :p

  12. I think he should run as an independent. Political parties are immoral in my book. Any politician pledging his allegiance to anything but our country and our people is absurd. Political parties have become (or maybe always were) a tool for politicians to get elected, and once they get elected they owe their control to the party. Its just like the mafia used to be, I do you a favor and you owe me your loyalty when I need some dirty work done.

    When Ron Paul loses the nomination, which he will because hes not in cahoots with the big business interests that fund the republicans, he should go independent. He might be able to turn that into an "Im the only person who represents the people, not a party" arguement. The Joe Shmoes of America are getting tired of the partisan bs the prevents our gov't from doing anything effectual for the people. With a little luck and a lot of fundraising an independent candidate could get a revolution rolling. This election is going to be the closest we have come to a gov't that represents the people since the industrial revolution.
  13. ive always been a democrat since repub's dont like gay people... i dont understand why gay people dont have the right to be miserable... althought i do like RP and what he is about.
  14. Considering all the enemies he's made within the Republican party, I'd have to disagree with you.

    He is a Republican but he votes NO most of the time, breaking with the party line. The Republicans AND dems dislike the libertarians bc they will simply not cross the isle. The concept of libertarianism is by nature undiplomatic, elitist, and ultra-conservative, far right wing.

    Libertarians already HAD their shot....

    That's what this country was all about in its early inception. BUT we have been consistently moving away from these principles since the birth of the nation. Libertarianism is simply unethical.

  15. You're going to have to explain these to me because I'm baffled by your conclusions.
  16. a republican senator was just busted in minneapolis,,, for trying to solicite gay sex in the airport bathroom,,,,

    so dont tell me we dont like gays.... shit we're all queer,,,

    so change to a republican and vote for ron- paul in the primary !!!!!! [​IMG] :cool:
  17. Thomas Jefferson was a libertarian, basically.

    The anti-federalists...were very similar to modern day libertarians.

    and...well...there was a reason for it.

    To reason was to protect their wealth and status and privelege.

    The anti-federalists were ALL white, rich men.

    Thomas Jefferson owned huge plantations with hundreds of slaves. He had a lot of property to protect from abolitionists and the federalists. He didn't want to pay taxes to the federal government or to have a national bank or ANY of that.

    He envisioned a nation FULL of fellows like himself, running family owned plantations, with slave labor, and giving nothing back to the people, owing nothing to the state.

    It was in THEIR best interests to be conservative and to be resistant to change.
  18. I think the general idea he is getting at is that libertarians are against aid. Its a "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" type of philosophy. Libertarians dont believe that people have an obligation to help each other. Its the same general idea that the rich elite speak of nowadays. Weve got ours because we are better than you, you guys are poor because you suck is the general idea. Libertarians dont think people should be forced to do anything and rich people dont want to provide aid to the poor/sick so they shouldnt have to. Its unethical because it denies the idea that people should help each other.

    This is all a generalization though. Im sure there are plenty of different kinds of libertarians who believe all kinds of stuff.
  19. i think the libertarian philosophy,,, is a good code to live by...

    i would,, multi-consider ,, my self one,,,, it's all about accepting responsibility for the choices yo have made in your life,,,,,

    and accepting that you are,, in the spot you are in now.///////// because of these choices,,, eh? [​IMG]
  20. Yeah. It's a theory...

    The opposite concept applies to the federalists and to modern day democrats I guess. Why do you think women and minorities consistently vote democratic?

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