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If you're not high...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dinnerisserved, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. If you didn't get high while smoking and you didn't really inhale only sucked in the smoke and blew it back out, will THC still show up on a drug test?
  2. It'll most likely be gone in 2 or 3 days tops, no need to worry :)
  3. if you have a few days youre good... but why would you ever do that :confused:
  4. what if i took the dt the day after....
  5. well my parents said itd be a blood test so i took the blood test then they gave me a cup and said piss in it and at the time i didn't even know what a drug test was and that was a few months ago and now i'm scared as fuck
  6. how dare you.:mad:
  7. your 18+ and didnt know what a trug test was???
  8. my parents said the blood test was for seeing if i was healthy, no abnormalities if that helps any

  9. few months ago???
  10. we're looking at the results real soon
  11. u sure they not just doing genetic testing?
  12. I'm sorry but this post just made me crack the fuck up. :D:D:D

  13. Why would you smoke a joint without inhaling? If you're not going too inhale than really what is the point dude??:confused::confused:
  14. iono i didnt know how to really inhale it back then it was just starting out plus it was out of a bubbler
  15. Do not waste weed. ever :mad:
  16. LMAO :laughing:

    lol they think they fcked up when it was time to take their baby out of the infermary (fuck spelling!!!) 14 years ago.
    how do you not no wat a drug test is? And why would you let them take your blood without a doctor present.
  17. oh i didn't think of the possibility that it could be a genetic test... it more than likely is it was a test to see how healthy and stuff i was so im guessing it wasn't a drug test? i pray to god it wasn't
  18. oh and if i didn't say before it was at a clinic with a doctor not just my parents taking a needle and stabbing me with it

  19. you know how to breath since birth, im sure you should have known.

  20. your wrong, almost no one knows how to inhale the smoke the first time they smoke it, then they wonder why they didnt get didnt feel anything.

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