If you're looking for intake fan, you might wanna check this out!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by oh-la-la, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,
    Since i had been concerned with the intake fan, couputer fan seemsed to be a good idea coz it's quite, cheap, and to save the bill but it probably too small for my box. Today i went to Target to see if they have anything useable, i didnt expect much to get it but turned out i found this fan
    It's a 4" pretty good quite fan with stand and good airflow. The best part is it just only $5.99 and can plug directly to the outlet without any AC adapter.

    Just to share to you guys and it might help someone out.
  2. nice find ! Might how to go and get one myself.
  3. damn yea target tomorrow :)
  4. i have two of those same fans, what exactly would you do for the intake? also, can i use my other one as the out-take and have the intake in the lower left and the out-take in the upper right. Its a 2foot wide, 8 foot long and 9 foot high closet.
  5. you shouldn't have an intake and an exhaust fan. If you have ONE fan as the exhaust it will serve as a dual purpose, sucking in air through an intake hole while blowing air out of the box. Some get the idea that if they use an intake fan in combination with an exhaust fan they will have increased airflow, they will but in not the most efficient way. A more efficient way to use these two fans would be to use them as 2 seperate exhaust fans so instead of having one 4in. exhaust and one 4in intake, you can have 2 four inch exhaust and 2 4in. intake.

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