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If you're in your 20's, you may be able to help me.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by smokerjoker, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I'm a bit freaked out at the moment. I've had body pains and a lot of issues with my hands over the past few years. The doctor says it's either the rheumatoid arthritis of a 50 year old, or it's lupus. Now, I'm only 21. I'm freaking out because I feel like I still have a lot of life to live, and i really don't want to live it with treatments, and daily pill taking and so on. I do smoke mj now, and I enjoy it, and it definitely helps with my pains. It's like when my pains are an 8 of 10, after smoking- Eh. It's about a 3 or 4. Depending on the potency of what I smoke.

    My questions are:

    1. Would you guys say I'm eligible for an mmj card with either one of those conditions without the doctor thinking that I'm just trying to score pot?

    2. Does anyone else have either RA or Lupus and are in their 20's? How did you feel when they diagnosed you? Have you been able to live a normal life? How does mj help you now?

    Thanks a lot guys. I find out whats wrong with me tomorrow.
  2. You would quailfy where chronic pain is a qualifier.


    Oh ya - I am 62 this day.
  3. Give it a go man. Each person's pain is unique and marijuana helps each person in different ways.

  4. I don't have lupus or RA, but i do have severe nerve pain so I know what it's like to be in pain everyday, man. It sucks. You sit there and watch all of your friends doing everything and you just wish you could too. You just wish you could go one day without worrying whether or not you're going to have to "take a break" because you just can't stand the pain anymore.

    I totally understand. Mine was so bad at one point I couldn't even shower anymore, I was reduced to taking only baths because I couldn't fucking stand. It was killing me, but even worse I could tell it was killing my mom watching me go through that.

    The MJ definitely helps curb most of the pain, but I do on occasion have to resort to prescription narcotics for an extra boost of pain management.

    I really hope you figure out the diagnoses and you start to feel better, man.


    (Oh, I'm almost 21.)
  5. My husband has a bad back and he is in his early 20s too. He has two blown discs and he was able to qualify under chronic pain. If you get a diagnosis or at least a prescription for pain killers you will "pass" w/ flying colors. Don't stress.

    My friend is 22 w/ Lupus and she lives a normal life. Goes away to Vegas and such. But some days are more painful than others. The more painful days she uses a wheelchair but still does w/e she wants.
  6. Lyme disease is symptomatically very similar to RA, and often difficult to diagnose. Do some research on that and if you suspect anything, suggest getting tested for it. hope all is well
  7. I'm 31 so I can't help you out,

    according to the title.
  8. hah... srry, stoner moment. i lol'd at this
  9. ive had RA since i was about 18 (now 35) along with bouts of gout. mj definetly helps with pain and i think you have a very good reason to seek 9getting legal. another thing tht does work without a doubt is cherry juice. sounds crazy but when i was having bad attacks in my ankle i would down a 64 ounce bottle of cherry juice from trader joes and the attack was usually gone the next day or two. cut out the red meat from your diet as well, I only eat red meat about 1 to 2 times a month now and i feel better from it. gout and RA are very simaler in that uric acid is what causes them, your body produces uric acid but the food you eat determines how much your body makes, rich foods produce more. with gout the uric acid turns to crystals around the joints and every time you move the joint the crystals break up or they damage the area around the joint causing pain.
  10. Arthritis is not limited to the elderly. I was diagnosed at age 11. For the most part I can live a normal life. I take celebrex when it's bad (after a day of sitting still or dancing on a concrete floor at a concert for 3 hours, ie Phish this past week). You need to figure out how much activity your body needs. Too little and your joints will become very stiff. Too much and it fucking hurts. Never spend the day in bed b/c your joints hurt; tomorrow they'll be worse.

    I'm a rock climber. I worked at the wall at my University this past year, and I was a pretty serious climber. I added several pounds of muscle mass since last September. But, I had to quit playing soccer back in high school. Too much running.
  11. Hey there. I don't have any of those conditions. However, I do have Fibromyalgia, which has symptoms that patients often describe as being like: Arthritis, MS, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome..... etc. I live in MI, and I will qualify for MMJ (just as soon as Dr. fills out everything like he said he would), because of "CHRONIC PAIN."
    Where do you live????? That can make a difference too.

    I would say I felt relieved when I was diagnosed, because finally I knew what was wrong (although I knew B4 the official Dx), and could get some help (pain relief)! I was relieved it wasn't "all in my head," like many people assume when it comes to "invisible illness'" like these.

    Also, I would have to say I definitely do NOT lead a "normal life" directly due to my illness, or pain. Sorry 2 tell you that, but it's true in my case.
    I cry every day because of all the little "normal" things I can't do.... like play tag with my daughter for instance. Or just go out with friends and do the same things they do for the same amount of time (I tire EASILY, and FAST).

    MJ helps me relax my muscles and takes the edge off the pain. It also helps me greatly in the evening, so I can relax my body a bit B4 bed, and then sleep better because of it (even the Ambien doesn't do it alone!). Unfortunately, it's not enough pain relief TOTALLY. But it helps enough for me to use it medicinally every day! If I'm extra stressed out it hurts me more, so the MJ helps a LOT @ times like that.

    BTW, I'm 25. SAHM. PM me if you have any questions :eek:
  12. (this is Shay)

    1) more than likely because you fall under the category of "chronic pain" then yes you would be able to especially if you have been thru different prescription pills or OTC drugs.

    2) im 29 and i have RA, Lupus and Type 1 Diabetes (all with complications).

    How did i feel when diagnosed? Like i got punched in the face and ykinda gotta suck it up and learn to deal with it all.

    normal life? I try. even though yes it does take pills & shots to deal with it all but sometimes you gotta think that the pills/shots keep you alive. (i do it for Jamie and our kids). i have been declared medically disabled so its hard some days.

    mj helps? it numbs the pain that i focus more (even more so with my vicodin pills) mj helps me sleep and able to function more on it. love the fact that i feel no pain while im sleeping, that is if i smoked out with Jamie


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