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    Fmr NY mayor Rudy Guiliani will be giving credibility to DEA's Terrorist Exhibit in Dallas this coming Sept. 22nd and 23rd.

    Both the fomer NY mayor and Dallas Mayor Laura Miller will be attending a formal ribbon cutting premier of the National DEA Exhibit Tour to give more credibility that drug users are not just criminals, but they are national security threats that support the terrorists behind the 9/11 tragedy.

    We say Drug Prohibition Laws allow violent underground cartels and terrorist organizations to take advantage of the underground drug trade because it is an unregulated, underground drug market that operates off our government's regulatory radar.

    Who is doing the terrorizing here?

    Our government and the DEA have incarcerated half a million people for drug offenses (and wrecking families in the process), let the HIV/AIDS run rampant in our country by denying intravenous drug users sterile syringes (one-third people afflicted with HIV/AIDS cases in America are IV drug users), and they have terrorized some of those same people that find medical marijuana to be the most affordable and effective pain relief.

    Shame on Rudy Giuliani, Mayor Laura Miller, The Science Place, and anybody else lending their time, energy, or name to give credibility to this event

    Protest Schedule

    Sept. 22nd at 7:00pm-9:30pm, we will be protesting the Gala fundraiser where mayor Laura Miller and fmr Mayor Giuliani will be speaking

    Sept. 23rd at 9:30am- 11:30am, we will be protesting the official ribbon-cutting of the DEA Exhibit at which Mayor Giuliani will be speaking.

    According to Science Place Staff, GW Bush and his wife may also be attending one of these events to push message out to the American people that drug users caused the tragic events on September 11th, 2003.

    On both dates, we will carrying out emergency demonstrations at the main gate at Science Place in Fair Park at the intersection of Martin Luther King and Robert B. Cullum in downtown Dallas. See: Mapquest of location.

    Plenty of signs will be provided, but you may bring your own.

    Bottled-water will also be available.

    If you wish to bring your own sign, please connect your slogan to medical marijuana issues or to the DEA "Drug Use causes Terrorism" Exhibit.


    DEA: Politics, Not Science.

    Keep Science, not DEA Propaganda, at the Science Place

    Terrorism Is Funded by Drug Prohibition

    DEA terrorizes medical marijuana patients.

    The Science Place sells out to the D.E.A.

    Come join us!! Please forward this notice to all interested parties.


    Craig Johnson

    regional liaison, North Texas Chapters

    Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  2. Do you know how these protests went RMJL?

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