If you're high and not expecting visitors

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  1.  I've been known to cuss out religious people that bother me on a saturday morning.
      I have a fucking sign out there that says NOT TO BOTHER US.  
     Yet they fucking ignore it and knock anyway.  I try to be civil about it, but the fucktards just dont listen, when I say "I'm a hardcore atheist", they interpret it as "A soul that needs saving!".  Fucking goddamnit!

  2. Jehovah's Witnesses are always welcome at my door when I'm stoned.
  3. I have surveillance cameras around all parameters of my house. I see who's at my door before they even get out of the car.
    Mostly, I don't answer the door for Jehovah's Witnesses, but usually answer the door for most everyone else as we don't get much traffic.  
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    I'll usually look out of my window, but 9.9/10 it's just someone trying to sell me shit so I've stopped doing that. If someone wants me they can text me, and I think I would actually be pretty annoyed if someone I knew just showed up at my house out of nowhere.
  5. I don't answer the door at all unless I'm expecting someone. If I see  solicitor coming door to door on my block, I will sometimes open when they knock with my two big ass dogs (Cane Corso and Presa Canario) pulling to get out at them. That usually makes them turn and walk away pretty fast.
  6. tell them you're Jewish and not interested, they'll leave

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