If you're high and not expecting visitors

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  1. I have an open door policy - just the way I was raised. Anyone who knows me knows that they don't have to knock, just come on in.

    If someone does knock, it's 99% of the time someone who I either don't know or else don't know well. And if I want to answer it, I don't care if I'm high or not. I like to talk when I'm toasted!
  2. Im pretty sure I always answer my door.. is this a fear thing or just not wanting to be bothered?
  3. The only people who visit me are people I know (usually), and they all know I toke so fuck it. Even if I didn't know them I wouldn't care; My property, my rules.
  4. No. Any one who randomly rings my bell is always a solicitor of some sort. Newspapers, support the local high school school sports, Jehovah's, candy bars, girl scouts ect etc etc...

    If it's my friends, I know they are coming by ahead of time...
  5. Last time I answered the door faded it was a cop telling me to get the fuck out cause my connecting neighbor's apartment was on fire.
  6. Sure I open the door man. What's with all you shy folk? If i'm not busy doing something then I see no reason why I shouldn't open up.
  7. Yah but I'm awkward. Like I was doing school work one time end this black dude named Trey I knew from elementary school that I occasionally saw around stopped at my door:

    -see Trey and I'm like wtf-
    -answer door-

    "Sup trey?"
    "Yo gunna ride bikes wit me and wade we gunna race at tha park" (don't hang out with the Wade fella much anymore)
    "Uhmmm...nah I got school work I need to get done" (I was so fucking baked)
    "Aw you ain't gunna ride bikes?"
    "Nah my bike got stolen (lie)"
    "Dayum man. Later then"

    I can't help it. I'm just so awkward when I'm stoned as fuck around people ki hardly know.
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    but fuck no I don't answer it. Like not even exaggerating every time I hear an unexpected knock on my door, it's either someone trying to sell me something (whether it be a product or a religion) or someone trying to break in.

    First time I did it was some white skinhead looking dude and a little mexican lady. Skinhead dude was out of sight when the little lady knocked, so I answered it for her and the dude just steps out of nowhere. They were trying to sell me magazines and by the end of it they were just basically saying "go get me some money" until I slammed the door. Shit was scary.

    Second time I look through the glass on my door and see a crackhead looking black dude holding ONE single bottle of windex. I said what do you want and he's like "oh I'm here to clean your house and do repairs". I went and checked the side where the white skinhead dude was standing in the previous instance and nobody was there, so I went and grabbed my footlong hunting knife and this replica handgun I had (it didn't actually shoot anything but looked very realistic) and put that behind my back in my waist. I opened the door and the guy holds up the windex and was all "hey, your mom hired me to clean your house today, can I come in?" and I was "just like no she didn't" and took my replica handgun out and put it in the side of my waistband where he could see it. He's like "naw man don't shoot me" and just kinda fastwalked away hahaha. I knew it was bs because my mom would have told me if she hired someone to clean the house. And who the fuck comes to clean someone's house with one single bottle of windex? I'm pretty sure this was a robbery (or at the very least a scam of some sort) attempt

    Every other instance was just some HS sport's team trying to sell me some shit, Girl Scouts (they have bomb fucking cookies, I totally would answer for them if I could in fact determine it was them), or some kid asking me or my family to pay for his college education. Not like I have my own education to pay for, buddy

    so yeah, I don't answer the door for random knocks. My friends let me know if they're gonna come over. And fuck all my neighbors, even if they were knocking I wouldn't wanna talk to them anyways haha
  9. i let everyone in haha. especially Jehovah witness and political figures trying to persuade me. i have the greatest talks with them and ask them questions they obviously arent prepared for. generally they are nice people, either way i get a kick out of it.
  10. Yeah I don't like answering my door when I'm blazed, I automatically turn paranoid especially if it's one of my family members. I remember one time I was blazing with 2 people then all of sudden I hear a big banging on my door so I got mad scared and yell "who is it?" the cops "deadass? nah its your bros were just fucking with you man lol. Then it turned from 2 to 4 people in my house, were smoking blunts back to back then all of sudden, I hear another big bang on my door.

    It was fucking mom :O, I was like oh shit I made sure both doors were locked good, so I being the main person of the house starts telling to pick up the dutch wraps and bud related stuff in the trash then I told them to go outside. By the time I told them to go thru the back door, my mom came in acting very suspicious and my boys were scared as shit so I told her they were chilling in my house since they didn't summer school on that day. I saved their ass and my ass, if you have those mini-holes that can make you see who's outside don't know if somebody knows what I'm talking about but they definitely help who's approaching your house
  11. I only open it for:
    Pizza guy
    Hookers, their milf pussy feels so good
  12. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkUNokNnD38"]An unopen door, is a happy door.[/ame]

    I do love the IT crowd.
  13. The next time one comes to my place I plan on inviting them in and having a talk with them about why marijuana should be legal, and why religion should support that. "God put this weed here for you and me." - Said in my best Chris Tucker voice. 
  14. I usually don't answer the door if I'm not expecting anyone.
  15. I always answer the door, just like I always answer the phone. It's real moment killer because I'll stop fucking to do this.
    I don't know why I guess I'm always paranoid of an emergency or something. I was working in a trailer park once and a building caught on fire. My first reaction was to start pounding on doors and getting the neighbors out encase it spreads, 
  16. i generally check the peep hole.  if it's someone i actively dont want to talk to (lookin at you, cops) then i wont answer.  but usually i'll answer.
    i would leave my door unlocked for friends and such, but i dont trust my neighborood quite that much.
  17. I live in the mountains so the only people that come unexpectedly are the mailmen,a killer or once a missionary came :D
    So I usually don't answer it out of paranoia and fear.... If I'm high, it REALLY freaks me out, especially when alone! Sooo, no I wouldn't answer!! :(
  18. Haha I usually freeze for about a minute from shock lol. If they knock again i might peep out. Then aftet that i just keep on doing what im doing. everyone i know calls first because they don't want anyone popping up at their house.
  19. No one usually knocks on my door, if it is, it's usually:
    1.) A friend (lol yeah right)
    2.) A cop telling me my mom was picked up for a DUI
    3.) ???
    4.) Profit
    As long as it's not a guy in a uniform, I answer the door. If it's the cops, I just yell through the door to them, I don't like talking to them, sober or not.
  20. Lately bud has been scarce as fuck, i've been blessed to have some awsome friends who are seeing me through my time of being dry, however WHENEVER and fuck i mean whenever i toke i get a phone call from somebody, ALL THIS MONTH, i cannot escape it, it has been fucking silly, the other night i had my phone off smoking and my land lord catches me smoking through the window, its been fucking rough like god damn people i wanna smoke and chill. 

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