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If you're having anxiety toking please read this (I PROMISE IT WORKS)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MikeCherry, Mar 4, 2016.

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    Hello fellow tokers! I wanted to share my story and I really hope I can help people who had the same problems as I have/had.

    I was like any other teenage guy smoking weed in highschool who never really had bad anxiety until I started smoking weed. I smoked for a year consistently and I LOVED it. I felt addicted and I would smoke at least tree times a day on school days with my friends. It was to the point where I would smoke at school during lunch. It was to the point where I needed it to function during anything. It was great until one night I went on a mountain with my two closest friends. Up until this point I was having moderate anxiety whenever I smoked and it was something completely new to me. I took a few rips out of a bong and it stuck me. We were watching scooby doo because we thought that's what sounded like fun at the time, but the whole time I was freaking out in my mind. My mind was racing with all these negative thoughts that were never true. Thoughts about someone killing us, cops showing up and arresting us, and even if my parents were calling me to see if I was okay but I didn't have a signal so I was hoping they wouldn't try and call. (my mom was very aggressive when I was younger and still is at times) my whole body was shaking because I was scared but I didn't know what. My friends made fun of me for it and it made me even more upset because they were doing it behind my back. That Made me think even more and made me stressed 24/7. This part of my life lasted for a year and I gained weight, lost friends, lost self confidence, etc. It was awful, and it got to the point where I didn't want to do anything unless it involved alcohol. I became very depressed and saw a therapist which kind of helped. Everything I did was impossible, I over thought everything, I'm very awkward at times which eats me up inside, I lost everything I loved before. Even my parents noticed it and they kind of brushed it off and avoided talking to me about it. It was horrible and I even thought about committing suicide at one point. I looked online everyday for a way out and everything would just say the same thing XXXX, work out, go for runs, eat healthy. I tried all of the good things and bad things for my body and the only thing that helped me immediately were a couple shots. It was so embarressing.. Finally I tried something different and I'm seeing IMMEDIATE results. The key is MEDITATION. I was on the fence with this idea at first and never really wanted to try it out because I would think "doing this is doing nothing for me I can't see the results so I can't tell if it's helping" so I tried everything else. I meditated for 10 minutes and 7 of it was horrible I would think of other negative thoughts and they'd always return. Finally my brain shut off and I could focus on my breathe and heartbeat. I thought of NOTHING for a solid 4 or 5 minutes and then I fell asleep. I woke up the next day with little to no anxiety. It wasn't completely gone I still felt it deep inside but it was it was no where near what it was for me. This is my FIRST day I'm trying this. I didn't do anything more or less. It's very simple and I PROMISE YOU ITS THE WAY OUT OF YOUR THOUGHTS. Literally 45 minutes ago I took 3 hits of high grade weed and I feel just like how I used to feel when I smoked way back when. I KNOW YOURE GOING TO BE SKEPTICAL, BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JUST TRY IT BECAUSE IT WILL WORK. The thing is is your mind is constantly stressed from working so hard all day stressing over the little things, you never give it a break unless you fall asleep which is still hard to do because of anxiety. However when you meditate and shut your brain off, it has time to heal and refresh itself. Now the next time you smoke weed it will be able to detect negative thoughts from the good ones. This is my first time meditating and I feel a million times better and it's only the first day. Imagine in a week? Or a month? You need to give your brain a break if you're a common stresser, so do yourself a favor and shut your brain off I really hope I can help some of you because living in that constant fear is awful. PS I wrote this high and I haven't smoked in a while
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  2. just smoke a CBD heavy strain
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  3. CBD crew just brought out "CBD therapy" it'll kill any anxiety you have.

    Op any tips on meditation? I've thought about it but whenever I ask someone they go round the houses pretending they're a sensi.
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  4. Just try to avoid strong sativa strains. It's fairly easy to calm yourself down. Remind yourself it's just weed and in an hour or two you'll be close to sober. If all else fails, eat something (it'll kill your high).
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  5. CBD therapy? I'm not too familiar with that, and for me I just lay down like I'm going to sleep and lay there until you're practically almost sleeping and just be awake enough to focus on your breath, your brain will be too tired to focus on anything else. It works for me let me know how it goes for you!
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  6. It's always been harder for me to calm myself down because the adrenaline was already released in my bloodstream so I'd have to do something physcally active to stop my shaking like walking jogging playing basketball etc. I've found that meditation to be the most hellful thing for me because it's like I can finally calm myself down because I'm not as stressed as I was before
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  7. CBD Therapy | CBD Crew

    1-20 ratio THC to CBD
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  8. Meditation is great, but some people don't have the patience for it lol. Even after smoking 10 years, I still get anxious sometimes. Usually with sativas, cuz they make my mind race more than it already does. But if meditation works for you, keep with it. If you need to sober up, eat something to kill your high. :)
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  9. Would love to add my opinion, however i am not interested in going through that wall of text.. Like seriously, even a single break would be nice >.>
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  10. I get the same but i found Micro-Dosing with Sativa is key. For me atleast :)

    For some meditation is easier before bed yet others who can wake up really early when the body is still in the (REM period) can enter deeper states much easier.
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  11. Avoid caffeine and sativa strains. Always have food in your stomach.

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  12. Meditation allows you to accept all of the thoughts that are flowing through your mind without attaching any emotion to them. Fear is simply an illusion.
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  13. Indica gives me anxiety because of the heart attack feeling and sativa gives me a relax and energetic high.

    Drink cold water and that will calm the weed anxiety temporarily. Eating food doesn't help me
  14. My mind races with a good sativa but its part of the process for me and I just embrace it. If a negative thought comes up I try to distract myself. Sometimes though I'll dwell on things when baked and it sucks but I just think "hey you can't change the past, just learn from it." fortunately I don't really deal with anxiety.
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  15. Oh thanks. I'll take meditating into consideration. My heart hurts!

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