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Discussion in 'General' started by bobobobman, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. post in here, i have about a gram of some nice jif, about 10 gs of some dank called junior haze, and im chillin and im not remotely tired but everyone in my timezone is fucking sleeping like pussies and im mad bored

    so if you hate when people are pussies and go to bed because thats what the timezone says, post in here and talk to me cause im full of ill stories for real and im into hearing some crazy stories about other real people like me and not like bullshit lies like ive been listening to for mad long because people feel obligated to lie

    word hahah post up, as you can tell im mad bored and im skiing

    :hello:first time ive ever used this and theres madd weird smileys
  2. I'm awake, but if I had some weed I'd be sleeping like a baby.
  3. word hahah, alright man

    idk i was at this crazy ass party last night and i was partying so hard i didnt go to bed till 7 then i was up at 1 cleaning up and shit and i been up all day now im finishing off my yay but damn im not ready for bed
  4. Ah, I'm not really in to uppers I like the chill buzz of weed, and occasionally pills,
  5. you gonna stay up for 4:20? :bongin:
  6. i just took some melatonin.
  7. i cant sleep and i have work in 3 hours. fuckin a
  8. I'm up right now and I'm going outside for a cig. (it's dry tonight
  9. word, im smoking one right now

    looks like the cokebirds will be getting me soon, who's ready for 420am bong hits hellll yeah hah
  10. Anybody here recommend a good sleeping pill? i need sleep! fucking insomnia.
  11. I'm up just chilling and listening to some music. Have about 2 or so grams of weed but no desire to smoke..

    Tylenol PM? Or if you have some 'light' painkillers take 1-2 of those (only if you're absolutely desperate though).
  12. Im not desperate, I just need something that will give me a good nights sleep, And no drowiness in the morning, I got elitches tomorrow!
  13. i like to take melatinin 20 min before bed.
    i slept till like 4pm yesterday so i'll be up until tonight. a year out of college and still pulling all nighters. also...im dry:(
  14. Can i Buy melotonin at the store...Or...The "store" ya know what im saying.
  15. giant, cvs, normal drug stores.
  16. What is it...Melotonin Diet supply?
  17. Melatonin?


    Comes in like 3mg and 5mg capsules.
  18. i got some 1mg ones.
    watch out they can give some people vivid nightmares. i get some vivid dreams though, lucky me
  19. Shit doesn't work on me.

    I don't dream nor can I fall asleep easily.

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