If your up now what are you smoking

Discussion in 'General' started by beny08, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. About to go outside and smoke and was just wondering what everyone else is smoking recently and from what pipe bong vapjoint blunt ect ect, Be right back that blue dream smells tasty
  2. I'm using my cute little black and red pipe since my bong got broken.. :( RIP.. and currently smoking blackberry kush. :) blue dream sounds tasty!
  3. Oh hell no you got some blackberry kush, last time i had that i didnt have back pains for days
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    Currently smoking on some blueband...some tasty stuff. Smoking out of a vape makes it taste even better lol
  5. I'm hittin' up some AK-47 with my Freezer 18.8 :D
  6. I don't smoke

    I just hang out with stoners - I like to supply em :)

    Is that okay?
  7. Holy Grail OG from one of my pipes :D

    I have these really nice papers that don't get used when my friends ditch out on me.
  8. Big bud and some nice outdoor sativa out of my Arizer Solo and LUX 14" bong

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