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  1. So I'm stuck here with a shitload of work all do thursday, plus tests, and decided while I study, why not find out what the other blades are doing?

    Also you can come in here and rant about how much work your teacher/professor is giving you.

    This is what I have due

    Annotated book, and test tommorow(just have to study on Sparknotes a bit :hello:)

    20-40 vocab words done and memorized by Wensday

    AP Psychology Project due Thursday which I have not started cause I have...

    AP Environmental project..my professor likes it very very detailed so it takes time

    History Exam thursday THAT I NEED TO GET AN 80% or higher

    Plus studying for AP Psych and Environmental all during the week

    hmmm, now that I wrote all that down infront of me, it doesn't seem that much...I feel a bit better now :D

    So what are my Blades studying tonight?
  2. I have this annoying professor who is making us do a 16 page assignment. Not very fun.

  3. When did he assign it, and whens it due?
  4. And they say stoners are stupid and lazy.

    I just have to shoot 2 rolls of film tonight (about 40 shots left) to develop and print tomorrow. But thats it.

  5. What are you going to be photographing sir?
  6. I have:

    2 page paper on why marijuana should be illegal (He made us write about the opposite of out chosen topic) for AP government.

    10 minute presentation on the Lazarus Project for honors english IV
  7. my project is shutter speed and light, so I can do it all at night. I'm going to take my tripod and set it up down by an intersection and see what I can do.

  8. Ahaha, that sucks, so far what have you come up with on the illegal essay

  9. My cousin was actually doing that last week, it looks preety cool when its all put together
  10. I'm dreading leaving to go to Physics in about an hour.

    I really hate this class and I hate so much that I signed up for it. Hoping to drop it.

    Phuck Fysics.
  11. Yeah, I've done it many many times with my DSLR, but since its film it's going to be a little different. I'm really liking film.

    I loved physics, why don't you like it? Other than how hard the class is, I'll give you that.
  12. get off the computer and go do your homework!

    tsk tsk
  13. Have to write a 7-8 page analysis on Jane Eyre and A Room of Ones Own.

    Both novels with feminism as their main point... Sucks being an English major. But, I'm switching so it's all good. :hello:

    Oh and I got a quiz and exam tomorrow, but I'm sick so I moved those dates back 'til next week!

    Gooooooood shhhhit.
  14. calculus and government, oh yeah and a blunt that i need to get through after the hard stuff
  15. Well I've talked about how marijuana could lower workplace productivity if it became legal, which could cause more American jobs to be outsourced. I also touched on how difficult it would be to regulate marijuana in the system of drivers. It's been really tough to come up with reasonable arguments :confused:
  16. Studying all night for a Biology Exam tomorrow morning. Having a really hard time retaining a lot of this, but I think I'll be okay after I eat something.

    Hopefully. Wish me luck.

    I also have a PC Applications Quiz right after Bio, but they're all open book and consist of questions like 'What is a new document in Excel referred to as?' I love easy 4.0's.

  17. Just start off with a well written introduction and just be like ..."I couldn't find a reasonable, accurate, or interesting argument about keeping Marijuana illegal. LETS BLAZEE!"

    Haha, that would be something, now wouldn't it??....:smoke:
  18. I had to study for an art history midterm but then I realized I have it wednesday so I said fuck it.

  19. You ganan study the effects of Marijauna on food taste instead? :smoke:
  20. I would list all the reasons it should be legal..but then after each sentence add commentary saying stuff like "Oh wait, that's a positive" or if its after some propaganda or something "We'', that doesn't make sense". And then conclude with "I have done my research and cannot find a reason for marijuana to be illegal. Oh well."

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