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If Your On Probation Can You Get A Med Card?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Russian Badger, May 23, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone! I was wondering if this a loop hole in the mmj states as you are sentenced to probation for being a bad person ( or whatever ).. Is it possible to get your medical card if you're on probation? I mean its for medical reasons.... But this is not about me i am high and that came across my mind as i was listenning to pink floyd.  :hippie:

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  2. doubt it very much
    but hey ya never know
  3. Look on can its up to the judge i believe. But hey im not on prob
  4. you go to a doc, you get a rec.  they don't have court data, courts don't have doctor's files, how would anybody even know?
    and what, is someone on probation not allowed to be healthy if they need a medication??
  5. Because its illeagal? And they would know when you piss dirty
  6. Well seeing as your on probation you get drug tested and last time i checked weed shows up on a drug test lol..
  7. Op go to that link. It answers your q
  8. you're right, it sure does
    but you didn't asked if you could use weed, you asked if you could get a rec.  maybe next time ask the question you want answered?
  9. Well played.
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  10. You're stupid if you want to get high on probation.  You're on probation because you fucked up, if you smoke you're just going to make everything so much worse for yourself.  Just stay sober and ride it out and celebrate when you're off probation.
  11. Im not on probation! I do not even reside in a mmj state.
  12. Sure, you can get a medical card.  But a PO can still bust you if you test positive, whether you have a card or not.  You have to agree to a lot of conditions for probation.  One is to obey all laws.  Technically, you're breaking federal law.  So yeah, you can get a MMJ card.  But your PO, even if you're in a medical state, can violate you for breaking federal law.  You don't get charged, you simply get a violation on your probation, go to court and go to jail for whatever it is you were on probation for.
    Confusing, I know.
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    you have to fuck up to get on probation, i agree ...
    calling someone stupid for wanting to get high on probation isn't really very nice.....
    " if you smoke you're going to make everything so much worse for yourself." all of that Horseshit
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    I went to green wellness and on the paperwork it asked if I was on probation, I said yes and I got my recommendation.
    When they piss test you they ask if you're on any medication and that's when you say, medical marijuana.
  15. nice
    makes life alot easier

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